The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


The Hype?


Quicksilver looks like a Death Cargo character -.-


second link works.

Super hyped


This one worked for me.


Here’s another one



Ultron looks so fucking dope.

The hype is real.


Looks like a trailer for a movie.


I’m so excited


My body wa- ehh you already know…


I’m really liking James Spader’s voice for Ultron.


James Spader sounds menacing as fuck.

Already in the running for best Marvel villian by default.


eh, I prefer the Ultron voiced by Tom Kane. This one by Spader sounds too…human. Not robotic enough


Yeah. JARVIS sounds like a real man since Iron Man 1, Ultron’s not inferior to that.


Those are fair points but like I said it’s a preference. Jesus I didn’t say it was garbage and its only the first trailer, there’s enough time for it to grow on me. Eventually it probably will


Now I’m creeped out by james spader saying that pinocchio song.


Hulk bodying Iron Man I see


That was probably Ultron in one of Tony’s HulkBusters. That’s what it looked like to me.


I thought I saw titty at 15 seconds, but when I paused it I think it might just be that lady’s dress.Not sure because I watched on my phone. Looks an awful lot like titty though.



Hawkeye gets like, no fucking screen time, as usual…