The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Thunderbolts movie would be cool. It’d need a lot of work to make happen though. Can’t just slap it together like suicide squad was and expect people to care about it. You have to do world building.


The problem with Thunderbolts is the original incarnation were the Masters of Evil pretending to be heroes during a time the Avengers were gone. Not only does the MCU not have a masters of evil but it kills off most of their villains. Zemo is alive but there’s no villains for him to lead.


Also this.


Hope not, with a few exceptions Origin stories always suck.


For Black Widow her origin is the most interesting thing about her. We don’t know anything about her past in the MCU and only got a few hints.


Definitely hope it’s an origin story.


Kung-Fu Treachery!


If it’s not an origin story I fear it will be a weaker Winter Soldier.


IF (big IF) Marvel chooses to go the obvious route of a spy action/thriller movie then it will surely be weak in both narrative and execution as they have already touched on that with Winter Soldier like you mentioned.

Better they go a pure spy/political thriller as her origin story with her fresh out of spy academy and relying on tradecraft/misdirection than outright assassination so as not to get bogged down with film genre clichés imo.

Something similar to Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy or maybe The Usual Suspects type of whodunit movie would be more interesting than a guns blazing Black Widow origin story.

On a different note, I just thought about the fact that there has only been one Black Widow for the longest time in the comic books. I’m trying to recall if there was any other character that had inherited her identity like Cap’s, Iron Man or Wolverine but I got nothing. Meh.


Another character did inherit the Black Widow identity. Her name is Yelena Belova and she is another Russian spy trained by the Red Room.


Ah, thanks for the heads-up.
Will do some reading into this, though I haven’t seen Marvel Comics explicitly push Natasha Romanoff aside plot-wise like what they did to Cap/Falcon, Banner/Amadeus Cho or with Odinson/Jane Foster in the books for the last few years where the narrative was structured intentionally to allow another character to inherit the identity. meh.


Yelena existed before Marvel wanted to replace all of their major heroes. Yelena is much more amoral than Natasha so she’s often antagonistic. She much less of a hero than the other Widow.


Yeah, I went and read about this character and seems to me that the way she was written in the books is like a “get out of jail” card when the narrative becomes inconvenient to move forward with Natasha Romanoff:

“uh guys, we need to kill off Nat for Secret Empire!”

“Alright, bring in Yelena so we can bullshit our way out of this.”



James Gunn fired by Marvel Studios after media outlets (probably Trump supporters because Gunn has been so critical on Trump) dug up old tweets from 2008 and 2009 that are now extremely offensive in today’s world:

This is how the world will destroy all superhero movies and TV shows, movies, and society. He didn’t break a single law but conservatives and politicians encouraged their followers to confront him at SDCC. Gunn was supposed to be at a Marvel panel today. Disney was likely pressured to fire him because of how they handled the Roseanne incident.


I think a lot of this gets overblown, but it worked for one person, so I guess the old adage applies.

What’s good for the goose . . . . .


Disney cannot afford controversy…past or present comments, the internet never forgets.


I can’t say I don’t disagree, but it was from over 5 years ago. Unless it’s a proven track record, you can change a fair bit in 5 yrs.

Oh well, them’s the breaks.


How is he fired while the jackasses attacking fans at Lucasfilm are employed?


Also this (from 2012)


Ah, I love the endless cannibalism the left indulges in.