The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


EDIT: Youtube version.


Not really hyped about it…


Agreed. I guess it was an OK teaser. All it got from it was “See who she is in 2019” and she’s gonna deck a Skrull in public.


Looks cool to me.


ive never been “hyped” by most marvel movies. but its interesting and im curious how they stream line her convoluted story for mcu.


I’m hype.


You like TLJ, you would get hype by Budweiser ads


I don’t drink, but I did see some pretty funny Budweiser ads last Sunday while watching football.


Looks very meh imo

I guess it’s kinda the Marvel’s answer to WW


I’m hyped as well. That scene where she has her mask on was a nice touch since most of the recent photos don’t show her with it. De-aged Sam Jackson and Clark Gregg with hair was epic AF imo


I will say that it was pretty cool how they incorporated the different costumes into the teaser.


Hyped for the movie but, can Brie Larson emote? I’m not familiar with her work but looking at this trailer I’m worried.


I don’t believe so, no. Diversity & Comics coined the term describing her as “Sad Step-Mom™” as that’s the only expression she ever wears. :rofl:



Kinda underwhelming. Definitely not hype imo.


Do be fair, PG13 didn’t exist back then, and those movies were the reason PG13 exist as it does now.
Also the standards of what counts as PS13 changed over the years as well.

as such


I would be more hype… If Marvel hadn’t fucked with MvCI behind the scenes to try to sell me this movie.

As it is I won’t be able to watch this without thinking to myself “Magneto function” every 10 mins.



Good stuff…



Throwing shit at the wall until something sticks.

All the shits.

For greater dividends!