The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Shame Tandie Newton is too old. Would have made a decent storm.


I’m sorry.




I’m sorry.



Tough to say. There aren’t that many Black actresses in Hollywood to begin with, and Hollywood has a habit of picking from the same pool of women regardless of race, but if it was up to me I would go left field and cast some random East African model/actress.

It would never happen though.


Yeah that’s why I think I gravitated towards Iman as a kid. She was an tall, dark, beautiful, African model. Side note: First girl would make the best Storm. The other two are cute but Storm is supposed to be a dark skinned.


Another thing is that most casting agents are probably white and subconsciously pick the lightest possible skin tone especially for females.

Is there any other reason Zoe Kravitz gets so much work?
When you say “black woman” Zoe or Meghan Markle is probably what comes to their mind first not Lupita Nyongo.


many factor in china markets which in turn favor Caucasian actors moreso…


For Storm I’d definitely go with Jade Eshete (Dirk Gently), but she’s too short for the role.

But a tall Wolverine happened, sooo…


The Chinese market is overrated anyway. They have garbage taste in movies and when a movie with an all black cast makes 1.3 billion goes to show, it’s possible to make bank without them.


Michael Keaton was way to short for batman.
There solution, for scenes where he standing next to an actor/actress he standing on a wooden box,
and some good camera work.


Or just try not to focus on some of these character sizes and get the best person to play the role


You think with the 30+ years of superhero movies I’ll think we would be past the point of having the actors physically match the characters they’re playing.


I agree, but everybody (internet minority) talks about how they want a short Wolverine for MCU’s reboot. Does it really matter? Absolutely not, but it’s just one of those things that keeps being brought up. shrugs

Edit: Storm is played by a light-skinned woman and barely anyone complains. Starfire is played by a dark-skinned woman and everyone loses their shit. Pretty sad shit there…


Black James Bond, White Power Man, 90 year old Spiderman, trans Supergirl, ectomorph Batman, obese Flash, quadripalegic Conan, midget Hulk… why the fuck not?

Since when has casting actually been a thing?

Accuracy is overrated.

Tolerate Hollywood missing with hand grenades.


A Black James Bond is going to happen, people would be naive to think it won’t. Old Spiderman has already been a thing multiple times.

Also, I’m gonna ask everyone here, though I already know the answer. Would you be willing to cast a shit actor for a role as long as they physically fit the role better than anyone else possibly could?


Let’s not forget “Steel”.




A Black James Bond is really close to happening. It’s not like Bond needs to be white for his character to work.

An ectomorph Batman can’t be any worse than Michael Keaton physically. Most of his muscle came from the suit.



Bond is White, just as Power Man is Black.

Full stop.

Anything else is pandering PC nonsense.

It is kind of pathetic that so many people cannot handle this basic fact.

Ian Fleming created Bond… and he created a White super spy.

It was 1950s Britain.

Bond is White.

Get over it.

I have never understood the desire to take an already established hero, and make him or her some other race creed ethnicity gender or sex.

It is really pathetic, actually.

Create a new hero who is [insert race creed ethnicity gender or sex here] built from the ground up to represent as such.

Co-opting an established character is basically saying no good [insert Other of choice here] hero can exist unless he or she or it is cast in the image of the image of illustrious privilege.

Which is frankly disgustingly racist against each and every single minority on the planet.

Also: Wonder Woman has actual thighs muscles.

Cast a woman with actual thigh muscles, not a super model.