The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Then answer the question. Are you okay with a shit actor being a character if he perfectly matches the characters physical description to a T? Yes or no?


That’s a rather glaringly false dicotomy.

I’d rather have a great actor who physically fits the part.

I’d settle for a mediocre actor who physically fits the part, but has a great supporting cast, production levels, and story.

If it comes down to either a badly cast actor or a BAD actor, I would rather that the show never be made at all.


Guess what? Sometimes that is what it comes down to. It’s not a false dichotomy as there have been multiple projects faced with that dilemma.

Yes, in a perfect world we get perfect casting with fantastic actors and movies are always built to be the best they can. But the opposite is also true. You can get roles where you’re forced between a good actor that doesn’t fit the role physically at all or a bad actor that looks perfect and with absolutely no way to fix it no matter how long you wait.


I was disappointed when Idris Elba confirmed he would not be the next Bond. I thought he’d be perfect for the role.

And I’m so fucking in love with Gadot’s Wonder Woman. You can nit pick all you want, but I thought she was fantastic.


There is nothing about Bond’s character where being White is important like how it is with Luke Cage. Being black won’t stop him from being British, it won’t stop him from being a super spy and fucking every women he comes across in his missions. Literally nothing will change with Bond. If Sony wants to bring in Idris Elba as Bond so be it. He would be good in the role. Not everything is some PC pandering bullshit. Some actors would be great for the role and shouldn’t have barriers like race and gender get in the way.


He is written as the son of a fucking Highlander from Glencoe, and a Swiss mother.

That’s fact.

Full stop.

James Bond IS White.

Get over it.


That’s Bond the literary character. The character from the films is different.


Fuck preaching for comic book accuracy. The MCU is an entirely different universe from the comics.


Literally in the credits of every single Bond movie:

“As Ian Fleming’s James Bond”

Same dude.


I’d watch a Black James Bond, long as he was good at being James Bond.

I understand he’s white and bah blah, I just don’t care. I’m not attached to James Bond’s whiteness. It’s not important to me.


The movies are credited as “based on…”. The movies ain’t straight adaptions of the work. There are liberties taken.


Of course.

As with all new material for pre-existing characters.

This changes nothing about who he was prior to the new material.

That includes his origins.

And by proxy, his race.

One has to wonder why so many PCers have such an adamant hard-on for changing the very fabric of who James Bond is.


That’s nice.

It is a good thing that your attachment to the character is not that great.

I mean, for you.

I guess.

I don’t really care one way or the other about what you are attached to.

A Black actor playing James Bond is not playing James Bond.

Or are we advocating White Face, now?


Yea, good for me.

I never said it mattered for anyone else.


I kind of find it funny that they “killed off” danny rand by making the iron fist coleen

Still want to see kowloon as asian wakanda and we neef shang chi to be t’challa


Remember Dr Strange? The Ancient one lol


70 year old Tom Cruise is the only legit short actor I would accept as Wolverine.

But then again I wouldn’t have guessed the kid that played Erica Kane’s adopted step son on All My Children would go on to be a great Eric Killmonger and one of the best villains in all of superhero movie history


Having a black Bond would not change the fabric of his character though. No one gives a shit about the characters background. All we interested in is the super spy.


Black bond would make the character actually interesting


Black Panther 2 starring Jackie Chan