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Taking an established character and changing their race for diversity is lazy ass fuck. Point blank period. Make a new character or taken existing character the gets no shine and give them their due. Don’t need a black Superman. Give Icon his due. A black Bond makes about as much since as a black Black Widow. Make a black super spy don’t jack someone elses existing character. Hell back in the day when Nintendo lost the Bond license they just had Rare make an original game in the same vein. Perfect Dark was damned good. No license needed.


Personally if a character’s core isn’t tied to their race or even gender I think it’s fair game to change it. Ben Urich became black in Netflix’s Daredevil and it was faithful to his character. Shades went from black to Puerto Rican for Netflix nothing much changed other than not being able to shoot optic blasts from his aviator glasses. Netflix Davos is Indian. None of these changes had no significant impact to how these characters were portrayed so I don’t see the problem here.


I don’t agree. It is just a lazy way to check the diversity box. Never liked it, never will.

Writer A: “Hey guys we can write a new character with an interesting background. We won’t have the constraints of an existing character. No risk of pissing off existing fans.”

Writer B: “Nah, just make the ginger character black.”


The thing is, it’s not always to fill in a diversity check box. Michael Clark Duncan got the role of Kingpin in the Daredevil movie because he was the only good actor in Hollywood that had the physical size for the character. Some actors are just the best fit for the roles race be damned.


Mos Def was great as Ford Prefect.


He was one of the best parts of the entire movie.


Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio…I hope the helmet isn’t all CG.


I concur, his performance was a really fresh take but every bit as offbeat that the character was in the books. Kris Zimmerman is one if the best casting directors that immediately come to mind when it comes to being savvy with actor selection.


Stop reading right there you racist piece of fucking shit.
Don’t even denied it

If you notice for the James Bond Films, all the films are cannon to each other, but they keep on recasting James Bond, Q , M and Money Penny. The name comes with the job position.

M is just a job title, so not even your subordiants are supposed to knwo who you are outside of work, same with Q, Money Penny and the others at their division.

Wonder Why? There never any such person ever as James Bond. He never actually existed. He a legal fiction.
In the James Bond Universe, when a M16 agent gets promoted and given the status of 007, his past is completely erased, all records destroyed and he now Legally named James Bond.
The idea is the name and the legacy, the legend is larger than the man ever is. Its why agent 007 is willingly giving out “I am Bond, James Bond” to every one he meets. Its Intimidation factor to anyone who heard of a James Bond, plus they can never find out who you really are as that person legally Dead and you are this Super Agent who been in operation since World War II and you at the most look like 30 - 50.

Thats how we got a Black James Bond, a black agent got the job of 007 and the name change comes with the Job.


That doesn’t explain why all “the agents that got the name James Bond” happen to be womanizers or like vodka martinis. You’d expect from different personalities also different customs/traits. Two agents that bang every chick they see AND drink their martinis in the same peculiar way? Ok, big coincidence but sure it’s possible. 6+ agents that coincidentally share all characteristics of the Bond persona? GTFOH


Yea I dont buy that fuckin theory at all, it keeps floating around for some reason tho.


James bond is the same person in each movie. The movies arent in order and are basically just different stories of the same character. They are based off the books created by ian fleming and ian fleming was very racist


Wait, so are people saying that if they had the chance to drink on the government’s dime and score any chick they want just by giving their name, they WOULDN’T take it?

Come on, people! You’re passing up pussy galore!


The issue with having a different race/gender of an existing character is that it comes with the baggage and expectations of what is already established. Bond CAN be black or Asian for example but being female can cause issues for example. Could it work? Sure anything can if written well but again fans may not be on board. Changing a character for the hell of it isn’t a good reason. Comics do this but then they usually have to place that new version of the character in another reality to make it acceptable.

Idris Elba can be a great secret agent. But why not have him define a new character? Worked for Perfect Dark and Joanna in the game defines her role without baggage and has established her style as a agent. Damn now I want again a Perfect Dark movie.


I see what you did there.

Infernoman: Yea I’d watch an Elba spy movie whether he was bond or not.


New Spiderverse trailer…


Ian Fleming is also DEAD, he and his estate has no influence over the films in a long time.
MGM and their partners owns all the rights to the Films.

The original Fleming books fell into Public Domain (in countries that observe the Berne Convention, like Canada), so just focusing on the Fleming books. if you want to do your own James Bond works and tell them you could In Canada, But not in the EU and US.


All the Easter Eggs are too good in this trailer


So the early reviews for Venom so far are mixed…leaning towards bad.

Some are saying it’s “Catwoman” bad.


Honestly, it being Catwoman bad wouldn’t surprise me.