The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


They do this poorly with Venom but then plan on making a Kraven movie, a Black Cat movie, a Silver Sable movie, a Jackpot(?) movie and a Guy That Looks Like Spawn movie?


Sony got too involved and tom hardy is pissed

So the blu-ray directors cut will apparently be the true version

Sony though will make money

Reviews saying Venom is the best part of venom


Edit…my bad.



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Bond is White.

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James Bond is NOT an MI6 codename.

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Im not trying to really argue this and i would def welcome idris elba as bond (i think he’d make a great one). But ian fleming wrote bond to be a white male and are of the same person

I would love for ian fleming to roll around in his grave if elba gets the bond role tho. They did change moneypenny so thats a start




I’m going to see venom on Monday. I truly hope it’s the train wreck everyone is saying it is. I really do.


Tom Hardy is godlike no matter what.

He’s kind of like Hackman, Freeman, and Hopkins, in that he can make pretty much any movie, no matter how shitty, entertaining simply by being there.



At least I an not a racists Biggot who cant accept minorities playing important parts in movies

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At least it’s consistent that the best part of Venom is well . . . . . Venom


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Changing established characters is almost always a bad idea. You alienate the existing fans and create division. Just make a new fucking character and you can do whatever you want with it.


So like the Star Wars Thread?


Changing established characters is a bad idea if the change affects the fundamental core of that character. Race lifting doesn’t do this to the majority of the characters this has happened to because their race isn’t tied to who they are as characters. I would find it alienating if it was a case like Fantastic Four when it made Johnny black and kept Sue white.


That completely ignores the instant alienation of part of the existing fanbase. Creating a new character get’s rid of that problem but that actually requires work and creativity. Given the constant reboots and regurgitations of the same ideals in Hollywood. Hollywood isn’t going to do that. Despite that making the new characters is best. Harley Quinn was new character created for Batman TAS. She’s now iconic. On a lesser level Diggle on arrow was a great addition to Arrow. They could have copped out and made Roy black. They took the harder better route and ended up with superior character in Diggle.


I rather have a Black James Bond and Black Super Man than have a White Major Motoko Kusanagi.
(No hate on Scarlett Johansson, if I was a female actress in Hollywood I would not say no to the part ether.)
Or how the Last Air bender movie was cast with almost all white actors despite they should all obviously be Asian.

I don’t want to hear shit about making a character black when we got rumors of Leonardo Dicaprio playing Martin Luther King Jr. It turned out to be fake, but thats the climate we live in now where Hollywood will white wash any role.


Two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m consistent on the issue either way. I don’t like it period.