The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Just speaking for myself, I never felt alinated by the frequent race lifts the MCU has done with their characters in movie and films. I saw no one making any complaints about Samuel Jackson being Nick Fury when the character has been white for 50 years prior to his casting. Now Black Fury is the norm and the character is functionally no different. Getting mad about this honestly feels like a nitpick.

I’m all for creating new characters if the character is actually new. If there’s a pre-existing character that already fills that role just use that character. DCAU did this a lot. We got Summer Gleason when they could have used Vickie Vale. Got Jax-Ur instead of general Zod.


Two movies I will never, ever watch:

Live action Ghost in the Shell with Scabby HoHerpes

Live action The Last Air Bender featuring a whole lot (yes, pun) of miscast White people.

Racists calling other people racist because it is the little bitch mode way to garner eesapport (yes, Jar-Jar reference) from their fellow dimwitted, barely keyboard literate fucktard PC (yes, pun) trollkin.

I bowed out of the sham of discourse in my last post.

I cannot win against Darksakul in an argument.

All I can do is let him drag me down to his level, where he will beat me with experience.

Words of wisdom, those.

R.I.P. George Carlin.

You were a fuckin’ sage.


I don’t hate Jar Jar nor do I associate him as black because he’s an alien.


Neither do I.

Awesome yomi, man.

Nobody expects a chip away from KO to wakeup Ultra.

One can’t even draw upon a movie reference to diss horribad Resetera levels of online insular PC disfunctional non-thought (e-pinions > eesa >meesa… it’s only two steps, man), without normally functional wires getting crossed, apparently.

No wires without red or blue getting crossed, apparently.

It is sad.

I wonder if someone can move the goals posts any further.

Maybe get offended for idiots by way of my associating Darksakul with them?

I apologise to all legitimately retarded people and to all Gungans.

Each and every one of you is the clear intellectual superior to Darksakul.

Even the ones who don’t really exist.


I hate Jar-Jar.

I hate Ani too.

I stand by this.


Just put tom hardy in the next spiderman.

Hell make the scandal that made eddie leave new york have to do with peter

Saying it out loud makes eddie seem like a kid toucher


MCU Peter got nothing to do with the Bugle or anything kind of journalism.


Yeah. The MCU Spider-Man is in his high school years and its before he got a real job and go to college



Farewell Cap.


Think it’s misdirection, or a 50/50 split spoiler?


Chris Evans was already alluding during Civil War that he wasn’t going to be playing Cap much longer…so not really shocking about it.


It was confirmed over a year ago that he wasn’t going to renew his contract.


So he is done, done?

I mean, we’ve had entire plots spoiled all but verbatim, down to the script, with some recent movies, and had the creatives baldfaced lie that the exact opposite was the truth.

I don’t know that I trust anything told us as even a tell, much less telling the truth.

But I personally DO hope he and the entire current cast retire from these roles soon - they are getting too old, and the actors deserve to be able to go and persue new things that they want to do rolewise and elsewise, as well.

I myself hope Capt. saves the gatdam universe, survives, retires, and gets to live - maybe burn that beginnings of a second chin that was rather noticeable in Civil War, off of that otherwise fine blonde agent, horizontal style, make some semi-super soldiers the fun way… Gods know he has earned it.



couple of days ago watched the clip of Bucky getting released at the german station by Zimo and Stark, Natasha, blonde chick and T’Challa trying to stop him. I was thinking to myself “where did this fine piece of ass go??”


For some reason, I read that in Herbert’s voice . . .


Sebastian stan is a hottie


One part of me is hoping fora bad ass death scene, a major tear jerker. Another hopes the way they end avengers 4 leaves characters open to come back later.

It’d be cool to go 10-15 years later and see some marvel movie with like Evans doing an old man sans Super soldier formula Rogers role.


to be fair, the dark-skinned woman playing starfire looks really ugly. She looks like a worn out crack whore. If starfire was played by an attractive dark skinned woman who doesn’t have jelly role fats sticking out then nobody would be upset.


Anna Diop Fat?


I’ve seen some pictures of her on google and damn they really messed her up in the titans movie. Maybe her outfit is so bad because i thought she was fat.