The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


That’s not actually her character on the show
That’s her wearing a coat between takes as shes cold outside.
Shes wearing a bulky fur coat as she was filming in Canada in the Late Winter/Early Spring.




That get-up is NOT doing her any favors. Aesthetically, Starfire is like hot alien girl and not hot-pink haired thot imo


All the titans look fucking terrible.


I know. She looks like a 15$ hooker you would see in Hunters point.


$15 American?

Hard Pass.

$15 Canadian ought to get you at least two of her.

Nightwing is just as terribad.

Raven is worse.

Raven looks like that chick you see hangin’ out with local college D&D troglodytes.


Maybe that is Streets of Rage 4, Starfire.


I heard the ugly black hookers of the Bronx raised their rates to $15.


I would not know.

All I know is that [Fired from Stars]Fire’s attire almost makes Streets of Rage 4 Axel look pimp.

I am a huge Nightwing fan.

And even I want to kill his T.V. iteration.

I think I understand what they were going for with their Raven pick, though.

…even Hell didn’t want her.


If you wanna talk about that Titans piece of shit, go to the DC thread.


It looks like the separation beween Fox and Sky would make easier the decision of the judges to greenlight the merging. Disney could close his buyout of Fox before the end of this year.


I got the feeling that if (most likely when) Captain Marvel bombs, sexism will be brought up as an excuse


You damn you well know a Marvel Studios movie won’t bomb.


Why would it bomb?


Truth be told I was surprised that Guardians of the Galaxy succeeded to the extent it did.

GotG is very niche, if not nerd or with strong nerd undercurrents.

Star power, in even the most minor roles, and tons of promoting that fact, is my explanation.

Not only star power, but star power laden with the meta of actors already established and identified for taking roles in geekdom flicks.

That movie is literally the We Are the Worlds, of comic book casting.


Yea I’m looking forward to Captain Marvel so wondering why you think it will bomb.


I cannot see Captain Marvel bombing in the traditional sense.

It has too much going for it via the established cinematic universe for it to bomb.

The worst it will do is underperform according to projected sales.


yall acting like Thor movies not named Ragnarock or Iron Man 2 never happened. Also Age of Ultron was very average. OK, perhaps they won’t “bomb” on the traditional sense but you know what I mean. There were movies that definitely impressed me after expect nothing from them (Ant Man or Dr Strange) but Captain Marvel is def not one of them. IDK, the movie could be good, not closed to that scenario, is just that from trailer, possible plot and lead actress it doesn’t seem on the same level as other good productions (see Black Panther as example).


Your saying that Captain Marvel won’t be a critical darling? If that’s what your getting at than “bomb” isn’t the right terminology for it.


I am not saying it will be good.

Though I hope it is.

I am saying that it has too much pedigree going for it, for it to bomb.

Yeah, those other movies you disliked were subpar.

But calling them bombs doesn’t do their numbers Justice [League].

Capt. Marvel is going to do Antman numbers, probably.


yeah like I said, it won’t bomb as that it won’t make money. It will “bomb” in terms that it won’t be a good movie. Marvel could do a Catwoman or Elektra remake and make ppl to go watch it. They got that going for them so dunno why ppl take me saying it could “bomb” as literally just that


Captain Marvel is going to attract the Wonder Woman crowd so it will likely open bigger than Ant-Man. The character was teased in the after credit scene in Infinity War. She’ll likely be heavily featured in the Avengers 4 trailer to give her movie a boost much like how the Infinity War trailer gave a lot of focus to Black Panther.