The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Er… a good script and direction, plus the Marvel branding that gave the movie lots of exposure. Spielberg said it’s his favorite MCU film and that its story surprised him.


I’m not sure that Marvel expects Captain Marvel to reach $1 billion, not even $800 millions maybe.

Doctor Strange made around $650 which makes him the second least valuable from their properties (after Ant-Man), and it had Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen.


I thought the script in GotG was the weakest aspect of the movie.

It only gets good, imo, recursively, after the thoroughly excellent GotG2.


Captain Marvel bombing is unlikely especially since MCU fiends are looking for hints at what will go down in the next Avengers plus future hints at what might happen post Avengers 4.

It would have to be a weird anti woman backlash but why would that happen when she is the most popular incarnation.


all i said was IF it happens then >>>>

not wishing any comic book movie bad things. In my dreamworld all comic movies are great, idc if it’s Marvel Spawn Dark Horse or DC


Having seen Venom over the weekend, I will say it is not the best superhero comedy (Deadpool 2), nor the best average guy gets power plus aggressive symbiotic intelligence in his head (Upgrade) film but it is solid and fun at times. If this is building block of which the Sony Spiderman without verse is built it isn’t a bad way to start.


New Year, New Acquisitions


Nah. No one should do Marvel movies other than Disney and Reynolds.

Sony needs to stop and just stick to making spider-man cartoons or video games.



I disagree, if you don’t know how bad a monopoly can be for entertainment I suggest looking at what has happened to football video games since EA bought the NFL license.

While the quality might not match Disney Marvel, variety is always welcome and can inspire competition.


It’s not a monopoly in this case as Marvel would have the have the film rights to their own properties.


How is it a monopoly when those characters are actually theirs?


It would be a monopoly of they where the only ones allowed to make super hero movies.


we have dc still…


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The only thing that’s a threat of a monopoly is the fact that disney owns a pretty large distribution share of entertainment. It makes more sense for Marvel to have the rights to produce their own content with their own vision.


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