The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


And Disney doesn’t own them… yet. You ugly, dumb mother fucker.


What the hell is going on, lol


I think people are just stressing over the fact that the Russo brothers are trolling the fans about the actual title to Avengers 4 lol


Zatalcon just being an idiot like always. Nothing to see here


but we just had the same arguments. That means you are an idiot too.


Whatever, I’m the biggest idiot around here. I bought TLJ on 4k Blu-ray because that movie is awesome.

And Man of Steel is the best Superman movie since Superman 1 with Reeve.


I never said they owned them. I never said anything of the sort moron.

DC and Marvel aren’t the only comics either numb nuts.


I never said you did. Shit man, maybe you should take 1-5min to process whatever it is you read.


So… what is the crux of the argument, then?

I missed it the first time, too.


Well in reference to the Venom movie and it’s reviews, i said that all marvel characters should be made by the MCU only (Deadpool being an exemption). In other words Sony should stop and stick to the cartoons and video games.

Dumb Ugly Man Radientsilver here said it would be a “monopoly” if they where the only ones allowed to make super hero movies. Nevermind that characters like Venom are originally owned by Marvel… so i told him that DC still exists (as well as Hellboy, TMNT…). He then replies “fuck you are stupid”… because he is dumb. Then Hawkingbird had the same arguments as i did, yet he calls me an idiot because he so stupid that he didn’t realize that he was calling himself an idiot as well.


Because my comment had nothing to do with who owned what, it had to do with what would and wouldn’t be a monopoly on these types of movies. DC had nothing to do with nothing. Marvel obviously cant have a monopoly on Marvel movies.


hmm. so no one here is talking about Stan Lee wanting to die? interesting


The man is in his 90s, his wife has passed, had been screwed over by business partners more times then most, most of his living contemporaries have beef or just don’t like him the rest are dead or also slowly dying. While the movies have been nice and probably fun, who wouldn’t be ready at that point. I am guessing he was in Venom mainly because he needed funds for the recent court drama he had.


This is his latest tweet:

Keep in mind that Twitter is currently the only social media platform that Stan Lee has full control over. The other social media accounts are being controlled by other entities that are trying to gain control over his assets (including his identity).


An oligopoly rather.

Let’s face it, around 90% of superhero movies are Marvel or DC.

Sometimes when people dismiss this about ‘superhero genre’ fatigue, I actually get worried. Marvel and DC are the ones with the genre on their shoulders, if they start to fail, they take the whole genre with them.

Then, the share was distributed between Sony, Fox, WB and Marvel Studios, now with one less competitor, there’s a higher risk for everything to crumble.
I think Deadpool and Logan, for example, helped to revitalize the genre of some sorts, with more R-Rated and/or dramatic serious material, now we see more studios open to the idea of R-Rated superheroe movies (such as the upcoming Spawns or Hellboys).

Disney and their ‘play it safe’ approach needs a balance and without Fox and WB failing on most of their ‘dark, gritty’ attempts, people have more chances of geting tired of the genre and it could suffer an implosion.


Superheroes are a concept not a genre.


inserts Rock clapping gif


I liked the dark humor, but the movie seemed really uneven. Super dark and violent and then randomly camp humor. Huh. Michelle Williams is excellent. Jenny Slate is the wooooorst. Hard not to see her as her Parks and Rec character. Most of the fights just seemed random predetermined schlock as opposed to anything interesting. Sucks because the drone chase was at least cool in concept.

Also while the trailer had me seeing Into the Spiderverse (Peter Porker!), the after credits footage of Spiderverse talked me into not going. Looked pretty bad. :\