The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Yeah that time they got retroactive blow back but most likely they spoke with her about it. With funny part being she probably gave her blessing before passing. This time they have filmed his spot for Avengers 4 they are likely to just end it there. We are likely to get a behind the back aside or scene for his character ending his story in an end credit scene or something down the line or in Avengers but CGI recreation wouldn’t well received at least not how Disney has done them.


Chadouken where are you?


Using CGI on a deceased person like Stan Lee offends some people.


LOL, I could rant and cry and post about how this is an echo chamber and a huge circle jerk with a bunch of anti-TLJ haters before running back to my little Discord where everyone loves what I love so I feel safe.

But, fuck that. I’m OK disagreeing with y’all fools.


On family vacation with Choryuken and Chatsu Maki Senpukyaku


Chonic Boom!


That’s some high grade ganja. :wink:


Which explains the TLJ love.

It’s like cinematic munchies.

Taste is non-applicable.

That said, and given:

Beastmaster >>>> TLJ.


Not sure if this has been posted. A pretty solid breakdown of how Ragnarok and Infinity War “broke” Thor.


Agents of Shield is getting a 7th Season


legit didnt even know this was still a thing.


Damn, whatever they have in its current slot most be failing badly. They have been talking the sixth season, and before it the recently concluded fifth, being the last one for a while. The sudden renewal is odd unless they are moving it to the Disney + service.


This may hands down be the one of the best analyses of Thanos on the web.

It’s not a “moral” argument. It’s moreso about the mechanics of the character.



Cause people are clamoring for Morbius and more venom?


China has been loving Venom so they will want more.


venom has broken dumb records. its weird…and china is soley to blame


China has fucking shit taste. They’re the reason the WoW movie is getting a sequel.

Fuck China


they’re still making that?


China is the reason it took so long for Bayformers to fizzle out.



…I just don’t get it.