The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


They are also the reason why Pacific Rim got a sequel. Mind you, I am ok if they stop here.


Blame the Chinese Government more than the Chinese People.


Keep it going…


Tale of two hearts…


It does have a weird Eskimo brothers dynamic at play in the movie.


I love that Infinity War had Thanos map out his acquisition of the Stones, like a grimy tactician.

He nabbed up that Power Stone right quick, before he tried to take on Thor, much less The Hulk.



And Thor is easily the best Marvel character, ever since the decision was made circa. Ragnarok, to have him fully upgraded to Literal Delivery of Deadpan, Straight-man Edition.


Pshaw, Spidey GOAT.


Despite them severely nerfing Thanos In the MCU he’s still my favorite. Fucking up the hulk and killing Loki at the beginning of the movie set the tone for the what waited ahead. I fucking loved it. Plus Thanos no-selling a full force strike to the chest from Stormbringer? Boss as fuck.

Avengers 4 trailer!



:rofl: You got me fam.


Can you really nerf a dude who got PWNED by Squirrel Girl, though?

Yes, that scene merits the term PWNED.

It was THAT bad.


Don’t forget, Thanos also got rekt by the NYPD LUL.



Go home Thanos, you’re drunk. :joy:


He accidentally shot himself in the leg with the Infinity Gauntlet. NYC has anti-Infinity Gauntlet ordinance on the books.


My dude was heartbroken over his girl leaving him each time plus his daughter never calls expect to try to steal his shit or kill him. He has had a hard life.


If you had a life as hard as Thanos, you’d snap too.

Ok, I’ll see myself out.


If he can’t take it on the chin, who can?


Don’t hate, he might have gotten busted, but at least he had the Thanos 'Copter.