The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


CGI looked kinda iffy at the end there, but looks pretty decent.


The definition of Meh.*

*will likely see it anyways. Will hate it. But will still see it. It’s a never ending cycle with me and marvel movies that aren’t black panther or Thor Ragnarok


Didn’t resonate with me as much as the first but I am still going to see it. Love me some Carol Danvers even if she is not my favorite Captain Marvel.


I’m sure it’ll be fixed in post, but then again, it could be the Banner’s head in the Hulkbuster all over again.

Isn’t this exactly what Marvel bets on you doing? I’m a firm believer of showing support with your wallet.


marvel fucked up killing off the second captain marvel. the buddy cop movie they coulda done with rick jones coulda been off the chains funny. the comic was a pretty fun series


I know right?

I hate cliffhanger movies, and never see the first parts in theaters.

I’ll deep discount the first arc, then see the second half in theaters, maybe - if the first was good.

Even Infinity Wars, even in Brasil, where I’d’ve been one of maybe three people NOT reading the dialog.


Absolutely agree!

They never gave the Genis/Rick Jones version a serious push outside of Avengers Forever because at that time if you weren’t X-Men or Spider-Man you were a second class citizen. But that version remains my favorite and one of the better representations of the two minds and one body type stories.


Genis is not the second Captain Marvel.


third then…never heard of the second one til now


so im watching bumping mics comedy special on netflix. And paul rudd stops by, and i see him rocking a fantastic four style hat. but its def not in any common colors associated with them. low key hint?




Could just be really old or a knockoff F4 hat. The team while mainly blue has had other color variant uniforms, they usually don’t stick around long.


After the last two Fantastic Four movie attempts, it is clearly the only color that COULD be chosen.

R.I.P. Big Screen FF.




Ha, so Tony called it!


Nice. sdgfdfgdfg


Hawkeye as Ronin made me mark out.


Wow never thought when they introduced Scott Lang he would be the symbol of hope for the MCU to rally around.


Trailer was kinda eh… Thankfully its just a teaser. Guess they cant show much and esp no capn marvel given her film comes out first


ronin out here like he heard theirs a job vacancy in white ninjas in marvel.