The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


I am interested moreso because of the cliffhanger at the end of IW than the trailer. Otherwise, it just sowed a few hype seeds.




Shuri’s missing too :thinking::thinking::thinking:


it may be an assumption. based on scott being there, you can tell they have no one confirmed dead or not.


So my guess is that the Asgardian ship with Valkyrie on board finds Stark as he drifts. Is either that or Captain Marvel but we don’t know where she is yet


sooo they confirmed the asguardians are cut in half again. so thats half of the people after thanos murked them


Damn those poor bastards can’t catch a break.


Could be the last of Nova Corps. I don’t like how they were done dirty off-screen. The whole planet? For real?


Well at minimum half. Yeah Marvel doesn’t give a fuck about extras, literally every Avengers movie has an event that would be a national tragedy implied or only briefly shown with the body count just getting higher.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Endgame implied universal destruction with the standard trope of a new universe being formed that is just like the old one.


… great!


Not technically a Marvel movie, but Into the Spider Verse is a great movie and superb origin tale.

Also… female Doc Oct was kind of hot


Into the spider verse was the perfect spiderman movie
They nailed it on so many levels. Their should be a subtitle “everything is canon”.

It was a love letter to every kid told they couldn’t be spiderman in the group because of their race or gender. This one felt like the true soul of what spiderman always represented.


Looking forward to the inclusion of these spidermans in future installments of into the spiderverse


That Stan Lee cameo in Into the Spider-Verse hitting extra hard.

“no returns”


It got you too man…:disappointed_relieved:


Obviously with the death of both creators this year it is, one thing. But every damn major media adaptation Spider-Man has had this year has been a land mine of feels for at least one or two scenes.


This damn movie


i liked the spidey-verse more than the home coming. This is probably the best animation i’ve seen this year. Everything about this movie was good. If theaters weren’t so overpriced here in NYC i would have seen this for the 3rd time already (and I just saw this a day ago).


The only thing I didn’t like about Spiderverse was Kingpin’s design. He didn’t look scary. He looked like a bad joke.


I hated the humpy dumpy design for Kingpin. I didn’t like how generic of a villain he was.