The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Seeing Spider-Verse today. I didn’t know Kingpin was the villain of this movie. Slight spoiler I guess? Ah well, I honestly don’t care.

I’m going into this movie completely ignoring all the hype and people gushing about it and just hoping it’s a decent movie.


Knowing who the villain is in a superhero movie is not a spoiler in the slightest. It’s not something the movie tries to hide.


All the promotional material I’ve seen hasn’t shown Kingpin.


He’s appears in the trailers and commericals.


kingping def wasnt a secret at all. But he’s such a minor aspect of it.


I guess I just never noticed or didn’t see the right commercial/trailer? Self admittedly I’ve only seen the original trailer. So.



Im seeing Sverse today and imo in the trailers/commercials, it seems they were keeping the villains under lock and key. Other than a fleeting glimpse of Kingpin, I have no idea who the villains are.


Ditto, I’ve watched almost all the trailers and didn’t know Kingpin was in this.


Just got back from Into the Spider-Verse.
Peni Parker best Spider-Man.

The only thing I didn’t like about Into the Spider-Verse were the design choices for the villains. all of them except for Prowler . The rest were just badly designed imo. Kingpin looked absolutely ridiculous.


meh i didnt think doc oct looked bad because she reminded me of ms.frizzle


All in all I liked the movie though.

The art style oozed charm. It was like watching a 3D comic. Very cool. The soundtrack was :fire:. Miles Morales coming into his own as spider-man was great. All the different Spider-People were great too.

Also shout out to Nicolas Cage.


nicolas cage in the most nic cage role of his life lmfao.


I just saw Spider-verse.


Art/animation. Even putting thought bubbles/narration boxes was genius.

Voice acting for the most part



Aunt May not being a stereotypical old biddy

Post credit scene

Heartfelt moments


I don’t think Liev Schreiber’s Kingpin voice was fitting. It was too much “New York thug” . IMO Kingpin is generally more refined in the comics and the 1994 Spiderman TAS and 2015 Netflix Daredevil. While the reasoning for his scheme was interesting, otherwise he felt a bit flat.

Overall: 9/10.

Tied wth Raimi’s SM2 as the best Spidey film imo


I didn’t stay for the after credits scene because I had a bunch of alcohol at lunch and then drank a huge bottle of water during the movie so I really had to go to bathroom. It was either watch the end credits or piss my pants.


since its not the 616 kingpin. i find its ok to take creative license.


I’ve been chilling to the soundtrack all day. So. Fucking. Good.

Literally me all day.


Spidey Bells…


It’s mostly a comic skit.


Miguel O’hara (Oscar Isaac) uses a new goober to travel to the dimension of the 1967 Spider-man show. They do the whole Spider-men pointing at each other thing. They argue over pointing and who pointed first. Jokes all around.



I’ll take “Meh” for $1000 Alex.