The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Visual vomit.


Hard pass.


They probably should have let the X-Men main movies end on Days of Future Past to end on a high note. But who knew Singer after such promising films would depend to crap?


This is Simon Kinberg writing,producing and directing on his own.

As someone who liked 60% of the Fox films to some extent, I
m honestly jwishing I could just fast forward a few years to the first MCU film.

2 big delays (nov 2018 - Feb 2019) then (Feb 2019 to Jun 2019) do not bode well.
It’s pretty sad that someone known for hollywood connections and mediocre screenplays is getting to direct a big budget tentpole as his directorial debut.


That’s what happened with Blade Trinity and the new Mummy movie. None of which ended up good.



So about 6 months to a year…


finally a good FF movie


All I really want so far is Hugh Jackman to cameo in Avengers Endgame as some dimensional mumbo jumbo occurs.


Saw a fan trailer or spideman far from home with deadpool at the end. Obs fake but was pretty well done and was really cool.

I have to give Marvel massive probs. I was more of a DC guy and didnt give two shits about marvel, not even spiderman. Now im a massive marvel fan and whilst I still care for bats supes, arrowverse and dc animated verse I dont care at all about thier movies.

Cant wait to see what Marvel do with the ex Fox properties. Also hoping for a Blade reboot but cant see who would make a decent lead after Wesley. Aint nobody black enough.


X-Men and Fantastic 4 are marvel properties.



You feel compelled to give Marvel props.

From “propers”, meaning proper respects.

…and by Marvel you mean the House of Mouse.

The “Other” House of M.


They were Marvel comic book properties, but not Marvel movie properties.


Technically Marvel gets a cut of all movies based on their IP it is just they don’t get a larger portion and in many cases don’t have as much creative control.

Spider-Man and a few bad contracts for some other characters are still floating out there in such a state. Heck rumors state even Namor is locked up in such a deal, which is insane because no one has tried to do shit with him and normally deals like that have a time table for when they expire without proper use.


I think Marvel still has limited control of Namor, he’s in a deal similar to Hulk where they can feature him in the movies but not produce standalone movies based on them.

BTW, a clause has revealed that says that if Columbia Pictures (Sony) is bought by another company, rights of the Spider-Man line will revert to Marvel immediately. And there’s a buzz about the fight Apple may be interested in buying Sony movie division.



Yea ok, thats pretty funny.


Well deserved


In a year with really good sequels to The Incredibles and Wreck It Ralph, Into the Spider-verse was surprisingly a much better film then it seemed Sony was capable of doing before. It deserves all the top animation awards.


What Sony needs to do is lock down Lord and Miller for more animated movies. All the animated films the pair directed and/or written have been gold.