The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming




Spidey far from home teaser trailer


I’m not feeling Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. The movie seems to have good elements but idk for some reason I think she is a miscast. I could be wrong


Yeah I’m lukewarm on her so far. Hopefully she pulls a Gal Gadot and surprises me.


So is peter just miles at this point. Working for shield and getting ganke?


The real question is: MJ no longer MJ??? Like this movie MJ is nothing like comics MJ and I’m not even talking physical appearance


My understanding is shes not really MJ. Not THE MJ anyway.


So, Happy now wanting to get with Aunt May.


Wouldn’t you?


Marisa Tomei…magnificent. She’s so fucking hot in My Cousin Vinny.


What a big “mysteryo”, unmasked from the beginning… ¬¬


Yes. Yes she was. Just look at that sass.

She was super hot in The Wrestler too but all the gifs of her from that movie are NSFW. (she played a stripper)


MJ as in Michelle Jones. She’s not suppose to be Mary Jane.


I have seen said GIFs and I agree, they are quite NSFW and not fit for here.

But it’s not like searching for “Marisa Tomei the Wrestler GIFs” on Google is hard.


I’ve been liking the international version of Sony’s movie trailers as of late…



I did that as soon as I read Stu’s post.


Does Far From Home take place before Infinity War or after Endgame?


It takes place almost immediately after end game when everyone gets poof back.


Spoilers, bro. Gaw!