The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Not necessarily. Tony brought him, probably snuck his ass in.


“imma need you in Germany kid”
“I don’t have a passport mr stark”
“Kid. I’m iron man.”


BP becomes first superhero movie to be nominated for BP -Best Picture at Oscars


A great honor on a well deserved movie. It won’t win because the Academy are a bunch of snobs but still nice honor for the cast and crew.


I thought it was a good movie. However, best picture . . . . . . if based on cultural significance I can see that. Beyond that, it seems like a statement more than a selection.


Black Panther isn’t going to win. Movies usually nominated for best movie will also have nominations for best actor/actress, director, supporting actor/actress, script, etc. The only other awards it’s nominated for are the technical ones. It’s just on there for the rub.


“See black people, we aren’t racist!”

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I agree with you a 100%.


However, Spider-Verse better get the best animated feature win.


Disney loses and yet wins at the exact same time lol


Yeah, the Spider-Man partnership is going great for both sides this year. Sony has some franchises they can expand using the side characters, Marvel/Disney get paid for everything and get to use OG Peter in the MCU.


i pray sony doesnt rush things. supposedly spiderverse took 4 years to make…no way they are waiting that long for sequels.


He won’t be touching the X-men franchise anymore.

X-Men Director Bryan Singer Faces New Allegations of Sex With Underaged Boys

Bryan Singer has been accused of sexual misconduct by several new men, who said they were teenagers at the time of their abuse, according to a new expose.

The Atlantic published an extensive investigation into Singer, the acclaimed director of The Usual Suspects , X-Men and Bohemian Rhapsody , and found four boys — a 13-year-old, a 15-year-old, a 17-year-old, and a 17 or 18 year-old — who described experiences ranging from misconduct to rape.

One accuser, Victor Valdovinos , told The Atlantic that when he was 13 and an extra on Singer’s 1997 film Apt Pupil , the director assaulted him multiple times in a locker room, grabbing his genitals through a towel.

Singer’s lawyer Andrew B. Brettler denied the allegations to The Atlantic and said that Singer never had sex with underaged men.

Allegations of misconduct by young men have followed Singer for some time. In 2017, he was sued by Cesar Sanchez-Guzman , who claims the director raped him at a party in 2003 when he was he was 17. Two other men accused him of sexual assault in 2014, though one of their lawsuits was dismissed and another fell through, while Singer has insisted on his innocence.

Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars this week, but the director no longer has top credit on the film. He was fired three weeks before the end of shooting following conflicts on set and was replaced by Dexter Fletcher .


Singer has always been a piece of shit pedophile and fucking rapist. Yet, somehow always slips through the cracks.


Unlike Kevin Spacey, I’ve heard shit about him years. If he’d been violating women, he would got metoo’d by now.


Yeah. Maybe.


He will continue to direct movies until he is found guilty of these allegations in the court of law. Today, people can sidestep the law by inflicting damage to his reputation and anyone (companies) connected to him by using the court of public opinion and social media.


Spacey apparently was only Hollywood people knew. It doesnt seem like he was super private about liking boys but no one said shit in Hollywood for some reason but everyone knew about singer.


It’s not only Singer. There are reports of a HUGE pedophile ring very much connected to the Hollywood scene.


Singer really hasn’t done shit as a director in a minute, he had enough connects as a producer so that short of some damming evidence he will probably still be a strong enough figure behind the scenes to avoid losing too much power.