The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


Nah he aint too old to be blade… what about the character of Cable?


Im actually quite surprised Marvel didnt give him a small role in BP for 2 reasons

  1. He championed a BP film for a long time(since the early 90s)
  2. Blade 1 came out 20 years before BP and was imo the cause for the resurgence of good Marvel films AND featured a black character as lead which is rare.

He could have played N’jobu or Zuri. It would have been a nice touch.


Well they might bring him back for the morbius film.


Blade isn’t Cable. It would be better to get an actor who can play the part long term.


Fox merger would decide on June:


Naw, both those roles went to big named dramatic actors. They could get him into the sequel although what role would be the question.


A new villain:

The Taxidermist.

Think about it.



Yung Coulson!


Oh dear…

Endgame trailer during the Super Bowl? :eyes:






Can we fast forward February?!



I’ve got Etrian Odyssey Nexus to tide me over for Feb.

But yeah… the hype is real, this time.


Ironman: “Some people”
Thanos: “Move on”
Captain America: “But not us”
Ultron: “Not us”




Some bummer news


From some pics/angles brie larson looks hella cute/hot but in others not so much