The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN acquisition incoming


wtf did they go to Tigra…


This has been me lately with coworkers since they found out I use to work at a comic book shop, have read infinity gauntlet, war and crusade, so they pretty much think I know how End Game is going to unfold (I mean which I pretty much do)


The movies aren’t exactly following the comics. Actually is hella different from how he got the stones and how the battle unfolded


The movies are nothing like the comics.


Oh I’m aware. The end game (pun not intended) will likely go down in a similar way as in the comics though just with certain characters swapped for others. Especially since Adam Warlock isn’t a thing.

No fucking shit. Sky is blue and water is wet. Stfu



It will be probably 5 to 15% like in the comics. As for the rest… the MCU has always been its own thing. Not compatible with 616 Marvel.

Especially seeing that they take inspiration from the Ultimate Universe and recent comics, with only a sweet dash of the classic 616 Marvel.

Maybe you should look for the Infinity Gems story in the Ultimate Universe or the recent Infinity Wars from last year if you want to have a better idea of what could happen.
But in this particular case, not even like that. They want to provide a big closure so pretty much sure they will do their own custom sui generis ending that wraps all the loose ends from the 23 movies before this.

Now, if you want to go to the theater thinking: “ha ha, I know what will happen, pretty sure everything will finish this way more or less”, that’s the exact mindset to end up angry, frustrated and disappointed, and probably become a toxic angry cb fan like many others.


No Brony Stark’s head in his Iron Man mask, minus his body, being casually played with by Nebula, either.


I love the whole scene of Capt looking at his sweetheart’s picture, in the trailer.

If Disney doesn’t turn that trope on its head, and give him closure in bed with her great niece, well, they can go eat a dick, and maybe Abrams WAS the best option they ever had.


They need have Sam and Bucky catch him leaving her room so they can bust his chops again :rofl:


The MCU is an entirely different universe from the comics and their various universes.


We know, stop saying it