The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN and F4 ARE BACK HOME!


I am not going to see it, simply for lack of interest in the character, and viewing the movie as being much the same as the Doctor Strange and the first Antman movies, in that it is wedged in there simply as a way to introduce a character that is a major plot device for the Avengers flicks.

If I gave a flying fuck about actors’ politics, religious stances, and such, I’d never give Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, or Tom Cruise the time of day, let alone my monies.

I fuckin’ love Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, and Tom Cruise.

If Charlize Theron started spewing madness of some sort, it’d roll right off me, too.

Are people REALLY boycotting Captain Marvel over its titular character’s actor doing something [not rapey] in real life?

That’s kind of sad.

Almost makes it worth the effort to care.

As it stands, I’ll catch it on DVD, prolly.

…just like Doctor Strange, and Antman.


There is no guarantee they were representative of all of them or that, even if they were, they won’t pull a heel turn in the future.


They weren’t representative. Talos did say thousands of them are shattered all over the universe. For their debut this was very disappointing.


If you actually weren’t some leftist idiot you would see the difference between comics with a political message and making a movie to go full activism.

Why in the hell are white male critics and the lack of colored women being protested by this bitch during press conferences and interviews? Leave that activism shit out of this.

Watch Double Toasted, they sum up what I am saying in this movie.


No one cares about your political views, @zatalcon1


I never gave my political views, you dumb ass.

This is the last time i’m talking about this due to it causing a derail. Apparently people don’t even know jack about what I am talking about.


We still don’t care about whatever you have to whine about. @zatalcon1

Consider doing another thing in your life instead of whining about politics in an Internet forum about movies.


My rant/argument is comic book movies being invaded by political activism.

Good job attempting to jump the bandwagon. Read first though.


We literally have a character called Captain America in this franchise.


Just watched it. Captain Marvel is dope as fuck. If you like the MCU and the 90s you’ll probably like it.


And again, because apparently you can’t fucking comprehend it. Comics have always had some form of political activism in them.

What part about that do you not get? Are you that fucking dense?




No one cares.


which 90s tho? I mean there is Pearl Jam Nirvana hip hop 90s and then there is NSync BSB Britney Spears reality shows 90s


Had a lot of music I listened to in the 90s. And I was never into NSync or the Back Street Boys.


You left out my second sentence which shows the difference between comics and this movie in terms of politics. The fuck is wrong with SRK today, nobody here can fucking read or they are intentionally just snipping off main points.

I gave you a link to the double toasted interview as a sum up, yet you skipped that as well and try to make it look as if I am unaware about Black Civil rights inspiring the X-men.


No one cares about that. And we don’t want to see more of your whining, stop embarrassing yourself.


Why would you go “no one cares” when you demonstrated that you didn’t even know what is being talked about? You are fucking dick rider and you are telling me not to be embarrassed of my self.


You see people in this thread interested in your opinion about those “political whatever” surrounding the movie, man?


The movie takes place in 95