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Box office mojo reporting a estimated $153 mil opening weekend domestic. Puts it higher than Guardians 2


If you think problem has been solved. You are delusional and not worth taking to. It has not been solved. I live in a region of the country that honors fucking traitors with statues, schools, road names, military bases, and holidays. In the last five years, we had school in Georgia have it’s first interracial prom. I live in a state,. South Carolina, in which a white supremacist rolled into a church and murdered church goers minding their own business. The same state in which a police officer shoot an unarmed black man multiple times in the back. I work in state, North Carolina, where a Charlotte police officer unloaded a clip into a unarmed black man, looking for help after he crashed is car. Get the fuck out of here with your goddamned nonsense.


You actually think that racism is the reason why there are white interviewers and movie critics, or negative criticism on a movie because men dont want women of color?

When i say “solved”, i’m not saying racism doesn’t exist anymore you dumb fuck. I’m saying that there is no oppression towards races or anything that Brie Larson is talking about. It’s always the immediate reasoning of the left.

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Out of the 21 mcu films, CM has had the 7th biggest opening. Pretty damn good really.


No and you’re reading whatever you want to read. Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle in Time’s director) never said bad reviews were because of racism.

She simply said there were a that were able to pick up a few details she inserted in the movie (the insecurity of the main character’s about her hair, which supposedly African American women often identify with) because of their shared life experience.


Your words. So look in the mirror. You are the dumb fuck. Years ago my black ass. Shit isn’t solved. I watched my cousin play the Lee-Davis Confedrates last year. My home state has Robert E. Lee/Stonewall Jackson Holiday. A country that honors and lionizes racists and traitors hasn’t solved shit.

Nope, I didn’t say that. Don’t put words in my mouth because you said something indefensibly stupid.


Jesus christ Magegg, look at you still dick riding with out knowing what is being talked about. We are talking about Brie Larson’s comments on Wrinkle in Time. LOL


Bad choice of words in the end, but I think she made her point pretty good in the video.


Comprehension sir. I’m not putting words in your mouth, i’m asking you a question.

I see you wrote a paragraph of your experiences but if you read my sentence better i’m referring to a specific set of complaints that are rampant.


Went in and had fun with it. Did it have issues sure. Some scenes were abit dark and music was wonky. The loading screen scene had some chuckles while Goose stole the show. The Stan Lee cameo and intro had me shed a man tear thou. Either way another one in the books and onward to Endgame.


Just came back from seeing Capt Marvel. It was good, my only issue was Brie Larson’s acting. As described in previous posts, it was a little too wooden and off. I’m not sure if that was how she was portraying the character or just holding back on her interactions in general.

It helped bridge the gap to Endgame so we are ready for what’s next.


I liked her acting, but the problem with Carol in the movie is that she’s underwritten.


OK, she was “bullied” by sexism as she grew up, but she doesn’t have much of a personality and a character arc. She’s a badass cheater that always gets up in the beginning, she’s a badass cheater that always gets up in the end.
We didn’t see her show any emotion after her friend Maria confessed to her either.

I liked her quirks and her chemistry with Fury, but she’s seriously underwritten. I finished watching the movie without the feeling that now I know and understand the character. They have to make it better next time.


@magegg use the details tag if the spoiler one is broken.


what where her words, and why did you talk about what Ava DuVernay said? lol


I got what Brie tried to say about this.
I can see people from other races eye-rolling of another movie about white people from the perspective of white people. Many of them probably don’t even care about the opinion of white critics, or what white critics consider “a great movie”; at least not as much as critics who they share a cultural identity/life experience/perspective with. Thus, we must ensure the movies are reviewed from a lot more people with different perspectives, so it can be properly promoted and more people with equally different perspectives can get interested. It only makes sense to me.

A Wrinkle in Time was bad and bombed. That’s right. But Brie actually said there were reviews from black people that got some things she put in the movie, and that generated buzz among the black female audience, because they could actually identify with some things in the movie. It was a bad movie, but Brie is right.

What I don’t agree with is that A Wrinkle in Time (she used it as an example or at least it was the impression) is a movie not intended for white people. I think it’s your typical Disney movie (produced by white producers and with an all-races-encompassing marketing/target plan), only Ava DuVernay was able to imbue it with some black nuance; but not so much that is completely mystifying for a non-black female audience; that’s bullshit.

I don’t think Brie Larson is a genius or anything. I think she’s pretty stupid, naïve, clueless, egocentric and also hypocritical. But I think she’s very keen about the need of more gender and race diversity in the movie business.


That is what you got? LOL What does being a white man have anything to do about why the movie had bad reviews? So movies have to be political now --we have to rate them based on unnecessary social progression and not critique it based on the art?

And why is this leftist political crap being used through out the campaign and promotions of this movie; especially with the rules of the press conferences? LOL come on Mag… you are dick riding, you don’t know jack about what is being talked about. I’m out and I will not post about this anymore due to it derailing already.


Thank God you’ll finally spare us from your stupidity.


You are ugly and highly stupid that is why you dick ride before knowing what is going on. It was really cute seeing someone guess out what was being talked about and give irrelevant like replies and comments.


Sure, bro, you’re the champ and the only intelligent people in this thread <3 Good riddance!!


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