The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN and F4 ARE BACK HOME!


I was dying. Once someone goes schoolyard tirade, you know that logic has left the thread.

So, when do you think that Endgame tickets will go on sale. It’s gotta be about a week or two out at least.


I wonder when these alt-right dudes will realize that Marvel has always been pretty progressive with their politics, especially when Stan was still actively involved.


I think that was a troll comment taken too seriously. He knows Stan was in there


Well. Issues dead, so I won’t bring it back. 6 weeks until Endgame.


Infographic of how the MCU movies have done both in the US and around the world during their debut.


I don’t think the domestic numbers are right on that chart. CM definitely made less than all 3 Avengers films opening weekend domestically.
It says that CM exceeded 200M domestically but box office mojo lists 153M as it’s domestic gross.


Looks like IGN mad a mistake. Even the site they get their numbers from is reporting the 153M.

That said, the overall (domestic + international) should still be correct at 455M.


Zatalcon, shut the fuck up you blabbering retard.
Go back to 4chan and complain about it instead of coming in here and peddling your mental shit.

For normal people, there is no agenda in Capt Marvel in regards to “SJW POLITIKS”, you only see what you want to see because you go on other forums and soak in what other incel cocksuckers are saying.


What does incel mean?


Involuntarily Celibate.

Basically dudes that can’t get laid so they blame all their problems on women.


lol I made a post in a Marvel Canada facebook page saying that Larson was fine because Marvel is supposed to be stoic and emotionless, based on being raised by a militaristic race and losing her memories.

Some random American called me a cunt and a feminist.
This movie has truly triggered a lot of snowflake retards, it’s almost terrifying.


What makes it retarded is the shit they are complaining about isn’t present in the actual movie. I don’t know who hurt them but it wasn’t Brie Larson.


Yeah. There has been a shit ton of toxic masculinity, misogyny and men going their own way type posts and rants spilling all over the internet over this movie.

Honestly it’s fucking hilarious to me and just makes me want to see it more.


LOL. It’s baffling how shoryuken today doesn’t read shit and just posts with out knowing what the person is arguing about. This site is complete shit and overrunned by morons.

I bet if she went on stage on how black men can’t critic these movies or she wants less black people in the press, you fucktards would be losing your shit for bringing that crying nonsense in comic book movies.


Man you think I give a fuck? I’m white and I don’t give a fuck about what she said.

You’re just looking for a reason to be outraged, no better than all the Twitter losers you probably chew out on a daily basis because they are snowflakes and you’re probably the biggest one but your fagg0t ass is too scared to accept that reality.

Piss off, nobody cares about your shit here.


Then leave. We won’t miss you. Bye bitch


You ugly people need me. Otherwise you’d end up getting offended even by the word “ass” and undermine the need of being intelligent.


Shiettttttt trying to be the next Btier.


Thankfully btier found the lord. :pray:

I think he’s trying to be @cisco more than anyone.


Yeah dude, you’re the freaking savior of the world, equivalent only to Jesus, you totally deserve Nobel Peace Prize.