The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN and F4 ARE BACK HOME!


Enjoy more Spiderverse…


So, to try to end all the BS happening in this thread as of late, how about we talk about memes.

EDIT: And for more serious stuff, more footage was supposedly shown to Disney investors during a closed door meeting.


Next Wednesday, the Fox-Disney wedding:


The Outworld and Earthrealm merge will finally be complete.


And in other news, Sony’s developing new live action TV series connected to their “Spider-Man-less Cinematic Universe”.

Damn I want Norman Osborn in the MCU so badly. Not Green Goblin, Norman freaking Osborn.


Speaking of Spider-Man, Into the Spider Verse was incredible. I wasn’t sure we were ready for Miles (of course we were after getting so much Peter Parker movies) but now I’m mad we didn’t get a live action movie with that much ambition.
Obviously MCU needed Peter with the Avengers… but I’m still salty.
I don’t know about Captain Marvel, I wasn’t sold by the trailers and it doesn’t look like people are really enjoying it. I’ll probably just wait for Endgame and see CM later.


Actually MCU Peter is very Miles himself. Fat geek roomie, accepted into an exclusive school… too many cues from Morales.


Yeah. MCU Peter is a lot like Miles Morales.


Just came back from watching Captain Marvel. Didn’t hate it, probably won’t put it in my top 10 MCU movies though, but serviceable? I do agree that the movie suffers more by what’s surrounding than what happens in the movie itself.

Not sure what to think of the origin of Nick Fury’s damaged eye, seemed kinda stupid to me.


I don’t know when I’ll get to see it. I get out the hospital on the 19th but I’ll probably take a few days just to adjust being back home before I really do anything.

I bought an Early Access pass for Shazam on the 23rd. The showing is at 4PM. I’ll probably wait until then and catch an early afternoon showing of Captain Marvel. :thinking:

Yeah. That sounds good.


Mcu Peter is miles out of pure lazyness. They didn’t wanna retread water and instead of ya know working to develop his life they just took miles out of convience.

What’s even worse is into the spider verse had a lot more interactions with ganke they edited out. They didn’t know that mcu Peter was gonna take so much so they had to change and edit a bunch of stuff to try and not look too similar.






Wonder who they’ll cast in the role. Edit I’m a dumb ass, the person I’m thinking of was cast as Beast Boy on Titans.


New Avengers: Endgame trailer



Look at Hawkeye trying to be relevant. Pretty cute


Hey when Hawkeye was around, they didn’t lose to the villain :wink:


I’ve never found characters like Falcon, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Antman really relevant when it comes to the avengers. They survive through sheer plot armor.

Well, except Falcon in this case. He got snapped.


It’s kinda sad and cool at the same time that because this will mark the end of phase/era in MCU, the trailers have been uncharacteristically non spoilerific. That’s how they should be. We usually get to see 60% of the movie on trailers nowadays (Dark Phoenix, Thor Ragnarok, Aquaman, etc)