The Marvel Studios thread | X-MEN and F4 ARE BACK HOME!


What’s with those white uniforms? It almost looks like what Gamora started wearing in the comics as of the Bendis run.


I never found the trailers for MCU movies to be spoilerific.


Watch the Iron Man 1 trailer XD


Supposedly rumors are floating around them doing some Time travel shenigans in the Quantum Realm via Antman. Hence the special armor.


audible groan if true


Yeah. We all know that.


Why are you surprised? Everyone predicted time travel shit.


Ignore stu he hates time travel in general. We all knew time travel was prob gonna happen when ant man got involved


Not necessarily, it could be simply Quantum stuff, also Carol has the power of

an Infinity Stone

so she could be connected to

the gauntlet itself

My theory still is that the dusted are stored in the Soul Stone.


Honestly, my guess on Carol’s power is that the space stone is only part of it, Mar-Vell was simply using it to channel the power of a star into her engine, and therefore, Carol.


Cause it’s a cop out. Constant time travel, different dimensions and timelines and, constant retcons is what got me to fucking hate dc and marvel in the first place. They just needlessly convolute everything.

They need to just replace what Adam warlock did to the infinity gauntlet with captain marvel and avoid time travel.


Kate Bishop?


Isn’t that just one of his kids?


I think the time travel rumors are just pure fuckery.

It’s probably going to come down to simply getting the stones, and reversing the snap.

Either that, or Antman (and Stark?) are going to use The Quantum Realm to slip inside of the Soul Stone, and release everyone inside of it, or some such stuff.


My gut feeling is Azures second theory is likely to pan out.


No it’s because Spider-Man is gonna beat up all the fuckers.


“Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a pile of ash can…”


Honestly those white suits gave me the impression that they were going to space.


I don’t know, I’ll give Marvel Studios the benefit of the doubt, but I’m still prepared for a copout.


I’d like to as well but I know it’s going to happen sooner or later.