The Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Thread

Hey, I know it’s a “dead” game, but I wanted to start playing this.

Just wanted to know if people still play this, competitively or not, or has everyone just left this for XvSF?

IF anyone does still play this, I just wanted to know some general info, strats, tiers, etc… (i didn’t get into this game until WAY after it’s “prime”).

Thanks in advance.

Top tier: Wolverine, Spider-Man, Omega Red.

Wolverine’s speed up super was top tier. When you had speed-up super you could combo crouching Fierce punch x N until the super was done. But not only that, you could charge meter while your speed-up was active. Also, Wolverine’s fatal claw combo does huge damage. And he could charge up super very easily with SJ medium punch.

Spider-Man had tons of priority on his moves. Also had an infinite combo. Medium punch launcher into spider-sting (i forget which strength) and repeat.

Omega Red’s QCF Kick was very useful at keeping the opponent at bay. He could retract the move and it was pretty much unpunishable. His air combos also did significant damage.

If Spider-Man is top tier for having an infinite, you better throw Zangief in there, too… You can do Launch -> Light Attack -> Mid Attack -> KKK Lariat x N. I believe that Blackheart was considered one of the top three.

Anyways, it sucks that this game isn’t taken seriously; I think out of all the crossover games, it’s probably the best in terms of balance.

Zangief’s launcher is too difficult to connect. Spidey’s on the other hand is a little too easy. Spidey’s a pixie. He rushes people down. and his launcher is actually useful for air defense. There’s tons of characters that have infinites in MvC2, but only Magneto/Ironman have practical ways of connecting them.

Blackheart is pretty good, however he still doesn’t crack the top 3, mainly because if he’s losing, he has a very difficult time catching up to anyone.

I agree, Zangief’s infinite is stupid hard to pull off. Oh well, he still has an infinite :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I never knew much about the rankings of this game, cos I came to SRK long after this game’s hey day. What were the character rankings, after all?

This game had a prime? i know in Melbourne it definately didnt, when it came out here people played it for max 1 week, then went back to XvSF.

Unlike Zangief in XvsF, the combo you listed initiates ‘flying screen’. Although Zangief could land and re-launch the opponent, he would be unable to super-jump and continue the combo.
He did, however have some nasty options after landing the combo, though.

In retrospect, I rather think that this is the low point of the versus series. Sure it’s sort of balanced, but it seems that they were scared of the infinites and shit they created with XvSF such that they watered down virtually everyone.

Broken tier’s Wolverine, and not far behind is Omega Red. Dhalsim, BH, Ryu aren’t bad either.

So, a “good” team would be Wolverine + Omega Red? Or is there more to picking teams than God A + God B? I’m sorry if this sounds retarded, but in most “team-up” fighters, there’s always character-counter character strats, and I just wanted to know if the same applies here.

A good team is a team that you yourself are good with. If you’re good with Wolvie and Omega Red, it’s a good team.

understood, but i was thinking of team synergy + counter matchups. because even though God A + God B looks good on paper, sometimes they aren’t in actual gameplay. i was just trying to understand how MSHvSF handles this. cuz i know that a “good” team in other team-up games isn’t just a team you’re good with, there’s a lot more to it than that. MvC2 and CFE are two examples that come to mind.

The game isnt too balanced when Wolvie/Omega Red beat basically everyone. I mean I played it ahrdcore for a year but that was when I was a scrub and didnt know about the tourney scene. I liked this game alot, but it’s just dumb. However, I loved Omega Red in this game, he has a answer for everything

so, what are wolvie’s and red’s basic combos? like, and their general strategies.

is wolvie just rushdown x N? and is red played more keep away and command grab, or mid-close distance?

Wolvie: Charge meter (SJ medium punch). Activate berserker rage super. Land Crouching short, crouching Fierce X N. Or you can Charge meter, land crouching short, crouching forward, crouching roundhouse --> Fatal Claw.

Omega Red: Keepaway with crouching Roundhouse (able to go 3 different distances depending on whether you are holding Down forward, down, or Down back), cancel into qcf + kick. Retract the QCF + kick. Or you could go for his high priority standing Jab into launcher and perform one of his deadly life-sucking air combos. Doesn’t really have a use for supers.

Actually, if you’re cornered as Omega Red, you can do a combo like Launch -> Jab -> Short -> Strong -> Death Factor (I used Forward Kick), throw opponent into the corner XX Carbonadium Smasher. The trick is to do Carbonadium Smasher the wrong way…for example, if you started on the P2 corner, you do the super as if you were still on the P2 side.

wow, some good nuggets on info. i’m actually surprised there’s been this much traffic and responses for a “dead” game.

i have a newb question as well. if this was released after XvSF, and i guess was more balanced (i don’t know if it is, just going off of the few responses so far), why is XvSF the “preferred” game to play?

Most people find the game stale. I think it’s pretty entertaining if you think of it less as a crossover type game…but that’s just me.

Pretty much the same reason why people prefer to play CvS2 rather than CFE. It just ain’t fun.

How does Blackheart and Chun-Li fare in this game?

BH is good, air pigs (j.hp) zoning and goblins and such. Chip damage using air Judgment Day is preferred.

Chun…I don’t know. Honestly feels like a toned down version of her XSF/MvC1 self.