The Master Cook Book: Combos, Match-ups, and FAQs (Updated: Ultra SF4)

what is elf’s best normal anti-air?

lp or hk

in the air
jump back LP and LK
Air Throw

on the ground
crHP (do not use vs Shoto HK, sakura HK, Blanka HK.)

info here.
RICO! El Fuerte Fundamentals (cleaned up 09/05/12) <- Hitbox videos so you can see with your own eyes
RICO! El Fuerte Fundamentals (cleaned up 09/05/12) <- normals overview

KumaOso said:
I noticed you don’t have much for the aerials in terms of use. Here’s what I’ve got.

Your best attacks for jump-ins are Salsa Chop (j.MP), Taco Knee (j.MK), Sopapilla Butt (j.HK), and whatever we named j.HP, but all have different uses.

The first three hit at different angles with Salsa Chop having the highest angle, and best reach, Taco Knee having the lowest angle and second best reach, and Sopapilla Butt having the middle with worst reach, but can crossup in the corner. Also, Sopapilla Butt can go into RSF, but an extremely deep Taco Knee can go into RSF as well. These are best used for offensive purposes.

Your j.LK and j.LP attacks are used for defensive purposes. You should use j.LP when someone is right above you and it may stuff some aerials as well. j.LK is for face-to-face in the aerial. Use it with right spacing and you can stop air grabbers, namely Guile

i’m starting to really like elf…i use juri & adon as my mains but i use ibuki, hakan, and now i’m starting to use elf as a sub also to go along with hakan & ibuki.
elf is really really fun to use:)
but i kept getting blown up when people jump in on me since i have no idea which anti-air normal is the most reliable one.


run stop fierce combo.

is the combo committed doing this?
qcf+lp-lp, hp rinse & repeat.

coz i don’t see the RSF combo notation anywhere.
i’m just guessing this is how to do it.

and if it is…the timing is like a horse gallop sound to button inputs?
like tap tap, tap

Be aware that sometimes the best option is to EX Run on a jump in and picadillo jump/stop and block.

see my fundamentals thread:

and its basically clHP xx qcf+p, lp(Sudden Stop) clHP. Run Stop Fierce is literally landing a close fierce, canceling to run, stopping and linking close fierce.

on that note I still have a notation about Sudden stop being a 1 frame stop. yuck.


its actually a 3 frame

Yeah I know. I am ashamed that I didn’t catch that earlier, hence why I’m cleaning up that crap

You’re new. You weren’t around during that era.

When SUPER came out there was a mistranslation on a battle log stating Sudden Stop was made quicker(1 frame). It took months of yelling and nonexistent combos to correct that error.

To this day I’ll still get aspiring Fuertes or opponents ask if Sudden Stop is still one frame. :throwsachair:

yeah. those were the days

btw, RSF combo is NOT easy to do. waaaaay harder than i anticipated it would be.
that is, not if you are trying to do it well.

in general…elf is NOT an easy character at all. his moveset isn’t hard…but putting it all together to get your wins is a different story altogether. sorta reminds me of Guy in that respect.
i respect guy and el fuerte players.
but no one gets my respect more than vipers coz viper, to me at least, is an enigma wrapped in an enigma.


Fuck viper. Bitch has a better wake up game and far easier damage.

man I am laying off el fuerte, will be content watching you guys

Hahaa, fuerte goes against all I know in street fighter

Hey at least you gave it an honest go.

yeah I did, seems I can only play efficiently with Fei Long and Gen and funny enough both are characters that I made tutorials for on my youtube page lol!

does Fuerte have a hitconfirm combo ?

Jab jab jab jab jab

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so after months of discussion, the “official srk tier list” ( is out. i’m seeing weird numbers for fuerte, and after a few wasted minutes trying to look through the 400 pages of pointless cammy/seth debates, i’m asking you guys : the match-up honda-fuerte is listed as 5-5. what the hell ? i main rose and second fuerte, and this match-up is definitely my worst, both chars combined. am i missing something ? honda just looks like a big wall, sitting here and waiting for a chance to ex-headbutt me into oblivion.