The Master Glove and You aka The Playing with Yourself thread (spoilers)

So… With all the focus on multiplayer matches and wifi and tournies… I think alot of the single player modes have gone overlooked.

I was moving this weekend and had a lack of internet, so I got had alot of time to go through alot of the single player content.

I finally finished the SSE and picked up almost everyone, except Im missing jigglypuff.
Unlocked boss mode, which is fucking annoying. God damn Taboo is hard as hell…

Finish events 1-27or so on hard and have been working on challenges.

Some of those challenges are fucking rediculous which I will no doubt be using golden hammers to complete… but my pride this weekend was completing the “Score at least 5 on Cruel Brawl” … that was a bitch and a half.

Whats other people’s opinions on the largely overlooked single player modes?

Sometimes, I just can’t get ppl over to my house or any fun matches online(fuck basic brawl to Hell), so the single player modes are pretty entertaining. Besides SSE, Classic/All-Star/Events are back with some slight improvements. Lots of Challenges for cool stuff like stages/trophies/music/etc. Stadium is pretty damn fun too. Sandbag is much better than before, and I’m glad the Wire-Frames have been replaced.

Brawl is definitely its best with friends, but you still have many hours of content by yourself, and thats why this game is a rare 10/10 gem.

I just completed all 41 events and got nothing for it =/ Event 41 is LOL but hard for some reason.

I was gonna make a thread about this, myself. Still need to 100% SSE Mode (93% as of now), and still have alot of other things to do (like beat the Break the Targets!!, The 100 Man, etc Brawls).

I’m also one of those people who really enjoy collecting all the trophies, as I did it when Melee rolled around, too. These new ones are quite awesome, aswell. So I play Coin Launcher alot, too.

Do you get anything out of 100% of SSE? I’m at 95%, but I don’t feel like getting the little bits of treasure I skipped. It was pretty cool, but maybe a little too long. It’s probably because I was anxious to finish it and go to multiplayer =V

That might be my excuse for everything since I want to get those trophies, but all that time could be used training or something.

SEE Mode is useful if you still need/want to collect items, and stickers. You slap some of the Trophy/Sticker/Trophy Stand Enhancing Appearances stickers on your characters, and snag the enemies throughout the game with them, since for most of them, they can only be acquired through SSE Mode (including bosses like Tabuu).

This doesn’t have anything to do with getting 100%, but since you’re there, might aswell, right?

I’m always so hesitant on those stickers, but I guess I should try. They only go away if all lives are lost, right?

And Tabuu killed by a Trophy Stand? lol

Yea, its like Pokemon. Get him down to just about nothin, then toss.

Tabuu: Let me be the blesser of all souls…
Me:…wwaaaaiiiitt a sec…you move stealin- DEAD

Tabuu would be an awesome King of Fighters boss.

I hate Tabuu’s Seraphic Wing move.

is it possible to dodge it completely? I was playing SSE on Hard mode and that move = instant KO :\

It is possible, but you need to have really good timing.

SSE was epic in scope. Had me wondering what was going to happen next. Best way to kill some time is the Coin Launcher. Playing that is just as exciting as Brawling sometimes. Classic mode is always a good diversion and practice tool when necessary.

I’ll grind the challenges out at some point. I’ve read up on some of them, and they look like I’ll get pissed trying to make it happen. But I’ll get it done. Anyone who’s still in the dark about the Challenges can read up on them at GameFAQ’s. Most of it is finding cheap characters to abuse and a some luck too.

If it wasn’t for my completist nature, I wouldn’t probably bother with single player. Cause why do that when there are plenty of heads to bust online.

God damn event 41 on Hard… any one have any advice/tips?

Focus on “Mega Mario”, first and foremost. Snake and Sonic can be a handful if you let 'em, but for the most part, they’re the dorks at the party, while Mario is actually the main threat. A full charged smash from him can (and probably will) pretty much KO most characters on the spot.

One way I approached it (at least with Diddy), was to pretty much rely on Bananas. No matter how big that bastard may be, he STILL can trip on the peels. Which, in effect, can give you free hits to rack up damage, and then, ideally, tell him to GTFO.

Get rid of him, and it’s just Snake and Sonic, who both are not that hard to deal with, honestly, as long as you watch your back (especially if Snake laid a few bombs around or whatever).

He seems like he came from the DMC series. :lol:

Anybody just play SSE and just try to “catch” the baddies as trophies?