The Master of DLC Unlocking -The Jill Valentine Thread



With Preppy’s approval, the Jill thread is now open! I’ll be constantly keeping this thread updated and what not. :smile:

Jill Valentine has been confirmed to sport her RE5 attire(probably brainwashed as well) and will be released as a DLC character 4 weeks after the game has launched. Price is unknown at this point. She is described as a quick and acrobatic gun user and is the only returning character from mvc2 who has been completely revamped.

Also, if you’re going to bitch about her attire, this is not the thread to do it so please take it elsewhere from now on. :china:


MvC3 Notation

[details=Spoiler]:l: = Light Attack
:m: = Medium Attack
:h: = Heavy Attack
:atk: = Any attack button
:s: = Launch (Air Combo Button)
:a1: = Assist Partner 1
:a2: = Assist Partner 2
AD= Air Dash
DHC= Delayed Hyper Combo
XFC= X-factor Cancel

Specials and Command Normals

Jill’s Special Moves and Command Normals

[details=Spoiler] Jill’s movelist from the game guide (sorry its not more in depth, I just scribbled down move names and general discriptions:

Flip Kick: :qcf::l: Jil does a flash kick type move. Acts as a mini launcher (?)
Cartwheel Kick: :qcf::m: Causes ground bounce.
Arrow Kick: :qcf::h: A flying forward kick. According to the guide it wall bounces.

Double Knee Drop: :qcb::atk: An air only dive kick thing. Kinda looked like Phoenix’s Burning Beak dive. Also said to be an overhead.
:m: Ground bounces airborne opponents, :h: version causes stagger status on ground opponents.

Fallen Prey: :dp::l: Looks like Jill is mounting her opponent for a painful attack in the pic. Guide says it hits low and can hit OTG.
Ensnarement: :dp::m: Looks like Sonya Blade’s Scissor Kick from MK. Says it leaves the enemy in an untechable knockdown state if it hits.
Position Change: :dp::h: Command grab. Stuns opponent.

Feral Crouch: :d::d::s: Jill gains a weird purple aura. In this state she can’t block (I’m guessing like Shulk’s track stance), but has access to new moves. One button makes her do a flash kick like move, a drop kick type move… oh, and hitting :u:/:uf:/:ub: will make Jill quickly dash into that corner of the screen. Weird stuff.


Jill’s Hyper Combos

[details=Spoiler] Machine Gun Spray: :qcf::atk::atk: Looks like Jill spins her guns around her in air really fast. Guide says it hits OTG.

Raven Spike: :dp::atk::atk: Looked liked Maximum Spider/Phatom Dance kinda. Can’t be sure, was just one screen.

Mad Beast (Level 3): :qcb::atk::atk: Jill goes into berserk mode and enters a permament “Feral Crouch” state. I’m imagining shenanigans for this.

In Mad Beast/Feral Crouch mode, she can go in five directions, sorry. :b:/:ub:/:u:/:uf:/:f:. Her dashes have invinciblity in the middle, can can be normal, special and super canceled at any time.

Also in Mad Beast/Feral Crouch mode, hitting different buttons allows some new moves:
:l: Low Sweep. Hits low, believe it or not. Guide also said, umm “it’s not effected by hitstun decay” (???)
:m: Jumping Roundhouse. Wallbounces.
:h: Somersault Kick. Knocks back opponent, guide also says its jump-cancelable.



Jill’s Assists

[details=Spoiler] A- Cartwheel Kick
B- Arrow Kick
Y- Somersault Kick

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Images of Jill
Official Artwork/Ultra High Res art work
First Screenshots of Jill

Jill Vids
Official Reveal Trailer

Carpark, Minotaur64(layout idea), Jocelot for the specials and hyper combos, Kalyx triaD(link to her theme), and more to come if you let me know if you contributed


reserved for future updates.


reserved for future updates.


Meh, either something referencing Jill Sandwich, the Master of Unlocking or the Battle Suit works.


I saw this in another thread (or another forum), but “The Master of DLC Unlocking” should be fitting :lol:


Yeah, this wins, do it now.


Can’t wait to see her in action.


I’m thinking Jill would have her moveset “RE5’ed” with majini summons instead of zombies, I don’t think she would have her CODE: T-002 tyrant summon hyper or maybe she does, would be cool if she could call a Ndesu (but no giant characters of course) also wonder about her heal assist being back or not.


She better be summoning zombies, but I can’t see it happening since she’s based off of RE5 and Frank might still have a shot of being in. =/


I could see her keeping the Hyper STARS from the previous game, but that’s wishful thinking.


I loves Hyper STARS… I’d hate to see it go


I <3 Hyper S.T.A.R.S.


I would’ve named the the thread the same thing actually.


It wouldnt be far fetched to assume that they pulled Jill’s animations DIRECTLY out of Resident Evil 5 the same way they did Wesker and Chris.

So we are getting a Jill overhaul. She was very agile and nimble like a cat with lots of melee attacks and reversals. Running up the walls n shit.

I think she’ll be like a mixture of Felicia and Wesker.


she still has that heart on her…so she’s evil…

supers with bright lights should own her…

Chris Vs. Jill intro


Jill:* HISSSSSSSSSSS* cat hiss…


This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw her in the RE5 outfit, especially if Frank or Chuck is in this game, I’m thinking we will get a complete overhaul in her play style. I just hope they at least keep her healing assist.


I am going to LOL if Jill speaks english.


Well, in that new 3DS game’s trailer, it doesn’t seem like they’re too happy with each other right now anyway. You know, with them pointing their guns at each other and all.


I would probably like her MvC2 incarnation more than 3 if thats true her whole flow is changed


Even if she’s brainwashed in this one I still want a “We’re members of S.T.A.R.S” intro when I put her in the same team with Chris and Wesker