The matchmaking system in this game is terrible for new players

I’m stuck at around 900 LP Bronze league. I find myself constantly winning against <600LP players and gaining around 55-66+ LP per win against these guys, and I eventually keep getting ranked up to Super Bronze. Then I find myself constnatly getting matched up with people higher LP (almost always around 1100LP+) and losing only 25LP to the point where I’m playing vs people with ~600LP. This is a NEVER ENDING CYCLE. Out of my last 50 games, I’ve only won 15-17 games, and my win % hasn’t changed changed at all. I know Capcom is trying to appeal to newer players because the FGC is essentially a bunch of veterans, but with a POS matchmaking system that makes people lose 70% of the time, they’re not going to stick around for long.

Play Casual then?

This mentality is exactly why the fighting game community isn’t going to grow. Just because people suck doesn’t mean they shouldn’t play competitively.

It’s been a week.
Matchmaking systems usually take a bit of time to settle down. No need to fret.

Sounds like more of a problem with you and less of an actual problem within the game.

You win around 50 percent of your matches when you peak on your estimated skill level.
First off that’s more that you would win in ANY fighting game. In others you just get bullied and go 0-200 when you start out.
Secondly, since you obviously peaked, go level up for fucks sake and stop giving the matchmaking system all the blame.

Time to look at yourself for answers.

Pretty sure the majority of people who play this game competitively really don’t care about their points value on the Fighting network…those numbers can easily be padded up.

Casual isn’t competitive? Keep complaining and making threads instead of training mode.
New players jumping into ranked in a 4 day old game is just silly if they complain about losing.

It sounds to me like it is working exactly the way it should. Now it is time for you to start figuring out ways to improve your game so you can “make it to the next level” so to speak

I really doubt you would find causal to be less worthwhile when it comes to competition. You’d be getting wrecked just the same, probably by people playing characters that they don’t even main.

its terrible for everyone

I had a series of games today where I played the same person (who has half my LP) three times in a row. The third time we fought they just caved in and stopped pressing buttons. I felt a little bad.

Small discrepancies in rank may be unavoidable, but something about the current algorithm seems really messed up. I had a 13 win streak without playing anybody even close to my rank only to lose the streak to somebody with twice my LP. I’m sure connection preference has something to do with it (which is fine - I’d rather have a lopsided match than a laggy one) but there seems to be something else at play.

I think ladders right now are pretty fucked up.
If you count DCs, server issues, rage quitters etc, a lot of people deserve a lot more LP, or less.

I think with the next major update, capcom should do a massive reset and a fresh restart.

somethings weird about it …I was playing a guy that was around 300 lp points more then me. He won and got 65 points, Then won against a guy around 300 points above me next game but I only got 34 points…Either the Capcom universe hates me or this isnt working quite right

SF4 was like this when it first came out. Just give it a few weeks for players skill levels to distribute properly. Hate to be this guy but, get good.

The matchmaking system doesnt seem 2 b the problem here u just gotta lvl up. Take a look at some of ur losses and try 2 figure out where and why ur losing.

I call for nearly every silver+ player to be demoted back to bronze. I’ve played so many who were just beyond ass. It really boggled my mind how they acquired so many LP’s without rage quitting nearly every match.

You are complaining about getting matched up against higher ranked players and taking beatings, that’s the wrong mindset for someone who wants to be competitive.

You gonna get those beatings, far more than 50% at first, every new player does, the only way to get better is to regularly play against people who beat your ass till it looks like Zangief after a V trigger.

Also the matchmaking system isn’t making you lose, this ain’t COD you don’t get stat boosts and perks for doing well, YOU are making you loose, take those losses, learn from them, get better and you’ll see success eventually.

Or don’t, but don’t complain about people beating you if you have no drive to get better.

I everyone is taking my rant in another way, as if I’m mad that I’m not climbing ranks fast enough, but that is not the case. I’m ranting because I’m getting promoted way too easily by playing against people that are 300-500LP lower than me. Does it really warrant a promotion after winning 3-4 games over someone 400LP lower than you? The problem is that it’s REALLY easy to gain LP, but really hard to lose it, especially when you’re matched up with people high LP than you, which I’m constantly being put up against after my winning spree from beating the lower LP players. And to those who say I need to learn something from those losses, obviously I try to learn from them, but it’s hard to take in info when you get your ass beat no contest against players 300-500+LP over you.

On a side note, I find it funny that the people who are the biggest assholes in this thread are the people with most posts.

I think Tensho meant Casual Match, the online mode. If it’s anything like Endless was, then it’ll be way better for learning.