The Maturity of Video Games (And people who play them)

To start off,I would like to point out that this isn’t meant to start a flame war between console fanboys/enthusiasts. This is meant to be a discussion about how video games and the people that play them. I would like to hear from everyone’s point of view on the subject and would appreciate your feelings on it. Just to say ahead of time,location and age differences will be a factor in this discussion. This also might be kind of long. So, Let’s begin.

I spend a lot of time on the internet,probably like most of you,so I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when I bring up the scrubby,wannabe,hardcore “gamer” crowd. In the last 6 or 7 years there hasn’t been any place on the internet that’s video game related that I haven’t seen these kind of people. (There’s even quite a handful here). I know that there has always been atleast a few sites like that,but now it’s gotten to where it’s like that everywhere.
Even when I was going to school there were these types of people. The types of people who spurt out “nerdcore” slang that only play what MLG uses.

Here where I live,which is a fairly rural area,I still encounter these types of people in real life. As a matter of fact,these are the only types of gamers I’ve only ever grew up knowing personally. There’s never been a scene of any sort over here. It’s just full of the hardcore MLG wannabes. I see some of these people on facebook and the video game related posts and comments they make just remind me of all the faceless wackos I’ve seen on forums. It’s kinda sickening really. I never ever heard of the term “gamer” until around 2005. And ever since then it seems like I only even encounter these types of people.

I can recall pre-2005,where I lived anyways,things weren’t ever like that. While I can’t speak for other areas,where I lived it wasn’t cool to play a lot of video games. It was just a fun thing you did like going out in the back yard to hit a baseball around or riding a bike. I was still pretty young then though. I was 14 in 2005,so bear with me. All throughout my younger years it was silly to play a lot of video games. And I was the silly kid that did play a lot of video games. My family had a NES before I was even born,so I grew up playing that along with the SNES and the Genesis. Needless to say by the time I started school,playing video games was as natural to me as breathing. Not in the sense of skill,but in the sense of that’s just how often I played. But,growing up I never knew a kid that played as much as I did. Most kids at that age just become uninterested because they can’t figure a game out. (Kinda ironic since most teen and adult gamers do the same nowadays,but to a more extreme degree).
Everybody knew I was the kid that played a lot. At one point I basically became some people’s hot line on how to figure stuff out in certain games. But,most of the time I was the weird kid that was laughed at because I played a lot of games. I know I seemed to have a limited view back then because I was just a kid,but I had older cousins and my older sister had friends. Video games seemed no different for people older than me that I knew.

Basically,you were a loser if you played video games more than average. But,I loved every console I played no matter what the differences were between them. The Genesis was an inferior piece of hardware compared to the SNES,but I enjoyed Sonic more than I did Mario. I loved video games.

Now fast forward to post-2005 through today. Now it’s cool to play video games,but only if you play Cod on xbox. Anything else,you’re just a “fagg*t” apparently. I still enjoy all the consoles from this gen. Video games are still a fun part of my life as much as they ever were,but I just get a headache from the communities out there that talk out their ass. I just think it’s pointless to sit there and have flame wars over what consoles are better. Every console ever made has always had their pros and cons. But,when it comes down to it,it’s the same shit. It’s like arguing over which is better: red colored apples or green colored apples?
Some things are more gimmicky than others,but what doesn’t have gimmicks?
I just don’t see how anyone can declare themselves a “hardcore gamer”,but only like and play one console. I know not everybody wants to blow money on getting more than one console,but even if that’s the case it still doesn’t warrant talking shit about another consoles.

I always hear about how video games as an industry and as a culture is more mature than it has ever been before,but all I see is one big flame war. It feels to me like it’s become more immature than it’s ever been. To me,the term “gamer” and “inflated ego” go hand in hand.

I’m through ranting for now. That’s how everything has been through my eyes. Has anyone else just had that huge change or has the world of video games always been like that for you?

Those MLG people you talk about are those same people who play SFIV for the first week then quit once they found out their HK Cr.HK doesn’t work and/or spamming is not fighting like a man. Those people just don’t want to learn a game and rather just play some FPS and call it a day. I do understand about what your talking about being a gamer is cool now, I’m sure many many VG fans feel and understand that.

I don’t really think gaming is that mature nowadays. Apart from a few titles and some franchises, but that’s all dying down. Kids have access to Mature titles, parents just want to shut them up, so they give in and won’t bother taking the time to learn about the ESRB and read labels. Some parents/siblings do take the time to learn about what their kid is doing and for that I thank them for being smart parents/siblings.

One example of immaturity I can bring up is the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta. I’m not a fan of Uncharted since I haven’t played it and anything that involves 1st/3rd person shooting I’m generally not great at. I did get this beta and installed it and my younger brother played, I felt it was appropriate for him so I let him try it. The second he fires it up, is when I start hearing all this vulgarity thrown around from little children and these “tough” teenage kids who think they’re hot shit for getting a headshot. With all this vulgarity going around, I start thinking, “What the hell are these stupid idiots going to contribute to the beta? They obviously don’t have interest in the game besides shooting eachother. They won’t provide ANY supportive tips or constructive feedback to the developers, so why make these people part of it? I wish there were some way to weed out those who are truly dedicated and those who are just there to play the game.” This may sound super mean and dickish but it’s how I feel and I’m sure others who have been dedicated to games to see something like a beta for a blockbuster being treated like some corner street hooker. After I heard all this sailor talk I just shook my head.

Most of this current gen of gamers don’t really want to learn a game. Instant gratification is what they want. FPS are one type of game that delivers. Shoot kill gloat rinse repeat. Just try and introduce a COD fanboy to some other game that doesn’t include a gun or explosion and they’ll turn it down and call it “gay”. They don’t matter in the eyes of a dedicated gamer, but to companies they do matter, they buy their games and keep them running. So why not listen to them for the next installment?

These people shouldn’t matter to gaming or the gaming industry, but they do. Money talks and the industry is listening.

Games being “mature” is a discussion that every major gaming publication has almost every year nowadays. Games are growing medium and the industry is still crafting it’s place in society today. You probably wont have to discuss this topic in a few years time, when the people who grew up on this stuff and consider games “normal” become the ruling populace.

As far as “Gamers” go, there are going to be people like that in every interest you have. The less informed, the followers, the “scrubs”. Following only what is popular, playing the top tier without any understanding of why, talking out of their ass like they know. Look at Hollywood and all of the people infatuated with what’s hot and what’s not. It’s less of a problem with “Gamers” and more of a problem with people in general. The internet doesn’t help, either. It just amplifies the level of hate and gives the followers/fans a voice. Which can be beneficial to the community in certain circumstances, help it change, recognize its faults and grow.

Hell, I still consider myself a scrub in the FGC and I am. I rarely post here. I’ve never played in a major. Never been to EVO. I only recently started getting active in my local scene. The list goes on. But I figured out I have a passion for it, and I’m putting in work to grow my skills and my scene.

If there is one thing I’ve learned being a gaming enthusiast for 20+ years, just ignore the haters/scrubs/noobs/gamers. They aren’t going to go away, ever. Dissenters will Dissent, my friend.

What does MLG mean (the meaning, not the acronym which is probably ‘major league gaming’)?

I agree with basically everything you said except this. More recently I’ve started to think that, isn’t it the game makers responsibility to also show these people that you can get more out of a game? Even if still only in an entertainment sense.

I’m not saying it would be easy but I am saying that developers and publishers should find a way to appease these people while trying to actually do something interesting with their games.

I used to think the way you do too, but who am I to judge who should and shouldn’t be playing a game.

major league gaming

its this awesome live tournament every coupla months with stream views totaling in the millions, featuring games such as starcraft 2, halo, and such. i follow it for starcraft 2 which is the most popular game there.

Okay, that’s the PC/RTS crowd? I thought he was talking about ‘dude bros’ who play nothing but Gears and Halo and Call of Duty, look down on any game or system from Japan, and spray out slurs over XBL.

Personally, I believe the maturity of video games (and people who play them) has declined mostly due to the developers themselves. I miss the times when developers had to create something unique and entertaining that could last years, and not just days or months. In the early console years, software needed to be quality to be able to push the systems. Third-party developers rarely existed, and most of the funding was done by the companies who also published the consoles. This meant that companies couldn’t create a system and let others take it over.

/sigh…I just hate that many franchises are turning to the Madden model of video games.

If there’s anything that has genuinely helped games mature as a hobby, it’s first party development taking a back seat to 3rd parties. Gamers today probably pay less allegiance towards a console and hardware company than they did 15-20 years ago. They just care about buying the games they like, instead of their stomachs turning warm just because somebody said they don’t like Nintendo or some childish bullshit like that.

That’s pretty much who I’m referring to. But,a lot of the “dude bros” are just wannabes who think they are MLG material,but don’t know anything about what they are talking about. At worst they think that anything that has nothing to do with MLG isn’t worthy of being good.

I usually just sit back and let these types of people just be the way they are because there really isn’t much you can do even though they annoy me. The thing that got me to even start this thread is the fact that I’ve been trying to get a scene/community going here for months and these types of people have just made it so difficult. I’ve been very open minded to their tastes,but they’ve been nothing,but disrespectful to mine. The only fighter that they can get into is MK9 which is just because of the gore. It’s nice that I’ve got a decent handful of people wanting to play MK9,but they just don’t have the right mind set to learn a fighter. This has pretty much been my biggest attempt at just reaching out to them,but their “hardcore elitism” is just a headache.

It always makes me look back on all the years I’ve spent with video games and my only conclusion I can come up with is that the whole “gamer” label that people try to identify with is just one big long lasting trend. I don’t condemn anyone for liking video games or wanting to be good at them,but I do condemn the scrub mentality that comes with the whole “gamer” label. It’s good to be passionate about something. Even competition can contain passion. Which is what video games offer,but gamers today just make it seem like a damn joke.

I always find this kind of topic hard to read and discuss cuz on the one hand I understand where people like the OP are coming from but on the other hand I don’t understand why it’s a problem for someone to only play Halo or COD or Madden or some such. If they don’t like other games then they don’t like other games, I don’t really see why that’s a problem. Even if they’re not good at those games, enough to be pro or something, the fact they take them seriously should be enough.

i dont understand what the problem is. is there even a solution to this “problem”.

seems more like he was making an observation and asking for other peoples observations as well.

lol console FPS players thinking they’re legit. I know some people who are like “aiming with a mouse is just point and click and has no skill.” Stop whining. Mouse and keyboard just work infinitely better for the genre just like light gun games don’t work well with pads either. No, it’s not like fighting games where you can potentially do finger gymnastics and have some button macros to keep up with players playing the game with the joysticks it was designed for; you are automatically at a huge disadvantage playing an fps on an analog stick, one that is large enough that you should lose single game to a decent pc player. Well unless that player was a high sensitivity retard with 1 inch of movement turning his character 270 degrees with acceleration on or some shit but those guys aren’t decent players.

Also there are obvious reasons Counter-Strike is much more competitive than say TF2 or Battlefield which are still infinitely better than the horrible broken base that is Call of Booty: World of Modern Whorefare: Black Cocks or whatever the latest installment is called. The worst are console CoD players refuse to even consider playing better games and call you a fag when you explain to them why their game sucks. Some of them even bitch at how stupid the multiplayer mechanics are and still refuse to even try other games.

Call of Duty is the Smash Bros. of first-person shooters.

Just don’t make your identity video game centric and it won’t matter how cool or uncool video games are perceived to be.

I blame it on social media.
People don’t know how to interact in real life anymore.

I had a big long rant written up … but basically gaming is trending toward mindless entertainment, and has created a generation of gamers who only know health regen, aim assist, and being told that they’re “hardcore” when they’re not anything hard. Being hardcore at anything takes passion and dedication … a lot of modern games require neither.

/get off my lawn

To be fair, TF2 can be very competitive when you strip away the gimmick weapons and Free-to-Play crap. Obviously they’re very different games. But IMO, if CS disappeared tomorrow and all the players were forced to take up TF2, you’d see really impressive play at the top levels. It exists already, but the amount of competition isn’t there for it to really flourish.

It’s human nature and it’s behaviour you’ll find off and online, just look at the elitism and foul behaviour of overzealous football (that’s soccer to you americans!) fans and hooligans. It’s not inherent in video games, you’ll find it online just about everywhere that there’s a forum.

OK, I think these types of people have always been around but in this day and age when like minded people with similar interests can meet together, both on and off-line with forums such as SRK making this possible, you’re bound to meet a lot of people you dislike.
But I dont see why someone liking one game over another is a problem. I cant remember the last time I played a FPS for longer than 2 days and I dont expect FPS gamers to care what I like. Just play what you enjoy.
If people chat shit over XBL cant you just block/mute them?