The Max Thrax Thread!

I bet you guys are wondering why I’d start another thread on Thrax. Well, it is simple. More people in today’s Marvel scene play Thrax. Besides, I have some things that I need cleared up.

This is the modern day Thrax thread, so let’s compare and contrast strats and gameplans you use on how the top teams are played today. Just learning Thrax? post. Wanna leave a banging reset? post. Just post something. Cause I know that there are a hell of a lot more thrax players now.

Anywho, I’m gonna get started.

Does anyone ever use Storm-Y with thrax? I am thinking about switching to it, and I want to know how it plays along with Sent.

Most importantly though, does anyone play this team in the best colors: ALL PINK!!!

is storm-y assist the vertical typhoon or lightning attack? i forrrrgett

Vertical typhoon.

Well the veritcal typhoon can help sentinel trap opponent depending on what character they have.

haha capcom with sent drone owns late game. people get careless in the end and they eat a few capcom supers = ouch. the way i see it when capcom is left in the end people either tend to a.) fights carefully a.k.a not spamming corridor without first connecting a hit or b.) just keeps spamming supers. Of course you can always say “it depends” but against certain match ups like magneto you can get lucky with a random corridor + special. like i said it really depends but yeah lol.
imo thrax with proj storm assist is still the best overall type. but some interesting variations ive seen is guardbreaking with storm LA assist. You can always pop a random one out/use it for combo continuation like mag’s proj.

the thing i want to clear up with thrax is when to start sent first instead of storm. (ex sent first on VS. mag ? storm on vs cable?) help :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, as a guilty pleasure, against like lesser players, I start Cap. And you’re right, Cap/Sent is mcnasty if you play with em enough. Drones help Cap with crossups, chipping, and what not.

With me and my Thrax, I play with Storm-Y because I’m a lot more used to the assist now than Storm-A. This also leads to me to start Sent more often than not, because of one of the previous post up there about the mad trapping ability, and also for some easy mode air combos, unblockable setups and resets.

I remember awhile back, I played Thrax(with Storm-A) against another Thrax (with Storm-Y). I remember the match being even the whole way, but he then got me in the corner with Sent, and started stomp patterns with Storm-Y. This example convinces me that, this could be perversly helpful, because this gives this team a better since of trapability. We all know that Capcom doesn’t leave someone in blockstun that long, but the vertical typhoon assist does. I guess this is why I use Storm-Y more. Don’t get me wrong I can use Storm-A, but now, it is a lot more against situational things like when I need to clear out shit.

I start Storm, regarding the question about Magneto, because then, I can use two premiere assists for defense, and the option to kill off something with the DHC. However, I would recommend switching up who you start first, because it will give your opponent a different look everytime. And we know spontineity and randomness rules this game.

Well here’s a little bit of my thoughts and reasons for stuff. I hope this helps everyone, and more is to come as soon as more thoughts and opinions come up. And for the record, no one has still answered the most important question: