"The maximum amount of power that can be supplied" (PS3/USB)


“The maximum amount of power that can be supplied to the usb devices has been reached. Please remove at least one device.”

Just today I started getting this message while playing TTT2.

I use a Dynex 4 port USB hub

Also the things I usually connect to this thing is several sticks powered by Toodle’s Cthulhu, Madcatz SE/TE, Official Hitbox, 1st Party Headset, and 1st party controllers.

It started happening seemingly at random. Does anyone have any input on how to fix this?

Thank you.


I believe I figured out the problem. Thank you anybody who was looking at this. It would seem as if a Cthulhu powering a particular stick was causing this error to display.

So now the new question is what is causing this within the Cthulhu? Is it a short or something. Anybody ever encounter this before?


There is the Wikipedia article that explains standard USB power.

Assuming a PS3 uses standard USB 2.0 specs. A PS3 USB port provides +5 volts at a maximum of 500–900 mA.
5A only used for battery charging devices (example stand alone USB charger for cell phones).

Exceed the 900mA limit and the USB port will not power all the devices on the hub.

I can’t tell you the average drawl of a Toodles device.

For multiple devices on a hub, you need a hub with a external power source (AC/DC adapter)


I think it’s most likely a short. When I was testing my dual mod, I was able to get that message randomly with one one stick connected. I put a multimeter on my stick the other day now it’s almost fully wired up, and with 360 TE PCB MC Cthulhu, Remora and 6x arceye 3 lit up, it only pulled 120ma. With the lights off it was 60ma.