The Mayor's Office - Cody Thread



Our guess is as good as yours, USFIV just kind of repeated the same story as Alpha.


Haggar is too busy in Marvel so someone’s gotta take his spot.


I think the entire message of his SFIV story was “Cody likes fighting but forgot he also likes helping people but he remembers now” so I’m guessing that he’s gonna become mayor after Metro City got shut down by Bison’s geodesic domes of evil because he helped beat people up when the police were overtaxed with the rioting. If you personally save a bunch of people’s lives from the Mad Gear gang and just greedy/panicking assholes in general you could reasonably leverage that popularity into a successful mayoral campaign.


Is anyone in a Cody discord? Would love to get an invite to that


Look below my post my dude

It’s probably not the biggest one, and it’ll stay quiet until he’s out


Shame SRK forums are close, I was going to come back with Cody returning.

In regards to his outfit: I think they avoided his iconic aspects a bit too much which makes him harder to recognize. Basically nothing from his FF/A3/SF4 outfits are there. He lost his sneakers, handwraps, and most of the blue/white scheme. They even changed his eyebrows back from blond to brown. If you took off his pinstrip shirt and his HALF a handcuff you would have no way of knowing it was him without the intro video of him leaving prison. I like the look, but they abandoned too much of him. Final Fight->A3 did a decent job because they retained his hair being down, his handwraps, his sneakers, and a distinct blue/white scheme. Should have kept sneakers and his pants should have been dark blue with white pin stripes similar to his light blue with white pinstriped shirt. I hope he puts cuffs on before match and takes them off after a match only wearing them to keep the fight interesting but not somehow as penance for being a criminal. He breaks the cuffs in v-trigger then it switches to him having the half a handcuff he is shown with in the intro video. It’s hard to tell from the original video but it looks like they shaved him clean, it would have been nice to give him a little bit of chin stubble like JUST the start of a 5 o’clock shadow on his chin, enough to make it feel like he cleaned up but also still has a bit of his criminal side still in there.

Moveset wise:

In original SF4 design blog they flat out said that they have to put the knife in because without the knife it’s not Cody. Expect a few things:

  1. Knife in some form
  2. Badstone or rocks of some sort. It was used in his round intro for A3&SF4 it also was used in the SSF4 opening movie. The rock is too tied to the character to abandon.
  3. The uppercut part of criminal upper. It may not be “criminal upper” but he’ll have that uppercut as it was the ender to his final fight combo and then was transferred to SF as criminal upper.
  4. Crack Kick. This move also appeared in all 3 forms of Cody. It was his standard jump kick in Final Fight and became his f+hk in A3/SF4, it’s one of the more iconic aspects of his move set.

Those ones are definitely going to make it unless they are just flat out making Cody intro “Cody in name only” which would be BS.

Specials likely to be redesigned or abandoned:
Zonk or Ruffian Kick. I expect we’ll see one or the other reimagined and the other abandoned entirely. I’m leaning towards Zonk being kept to give him an anti-fireball move and that also opens him up for an entirely new kick special. They can also retain the feel of keeping Ruffian kick via making it part of a super that changes based on buttons used just like his SF4 super.

Normal attacks I expect to see:
close HP
Far HK

Normal attacks that will likely be reimagined a little bit but retain similar feel.
crMK (I kind of hope they just keep this as-is since it’s pretty unique in use & animation vs anything currently existing in SFV)
close LP (His far LP may become F+LP as a starter for his TC similar to OSF4)
Close HK (might be kept but changed to either B+HK or DF+HK)

Moves that will be abandoned entirely or remade 100% into new moves:
close MK (alternately this will be kept and his farMK will be abandoned)
farHP (sad because I like this move)
Focus attack

I’m hoping to god that he keeps badspray. I don’t know how useful it will be persay but given the games prevalence for quick rise type pressure having FOUR different wake up possibilities would be really unique. No rise, Quick Rise, Back Rise, and Badspray.

Megacrash will probably be his V-Reversal. If they don’t keep Badspray as a unique wakeup options then badspray will be his v-reversal.

If he keeps Criminal Upper expect it to be changed to “Justice Upper” or something similar in name.


Oh my god, Eternal ;_; …


I don’t think I even have discord, pretty much stick to twitter. I’ll try and swing by the SFV general or at least Cody discord a few times assuming I end up liking him AND AE enough to keep playing. Cody in SFV got me actually considering going to some locals, which I’ve never done. All these years only in-person event I ever went to was EVO2016.

If you want to follow me on twitter I’m @eternal0star


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A diff V Trigger would enhance all his normal and leave him into a frame trap tank as his staple move set used to be. I’ll tell you now as a Rashid main, My Goodness, V-Trigger 2 is a dream come true. Everything is safe! It makes him into Yun From AE.



gotta say that new cody theme remix is pretty dope





Can someone send me the discord link please


LK.Ruffian -
Quickrise, dash >
Backrise, dash >

MK.Ruffian -
Quickrise, dash > cr.lp(trades with 3f)
Backrise, dash >
Corner only Quickrise, whiff cr.lp >
Corner only Backrise, whiff cr.lp >

HK.Ruffian(corner only) -
Quickrise, whiff >
Backrise, whiff >

EX.Ruffian > LK.Ruffian -
Quickrise, dash >
Backrise, dash >

EX.Ruffian > MK.Ruffian -
Quickrise, dash >
Backrise, dash >
Corner only Quickrise, whiff >
Corner only Backrise, whiff >

EX.Ruffian > HK.Ruffian(corner only)
Quickrise, dash > whiff >
Backrise, dash > whiff >

EX Zonk Knuckle -
Normal Rise, dash x2 >
Backrise, dash x2 >

Sweep -
Quickrise, dash > cr.lp
Backrise, dash >

VT2 Grab Oki -
LP.Toss upward swing > xx Zonk(air reset on backdash/jump)
LP.Toss upward swing > st.lp TC x3
LP.Toss > dash > regrab
LP.Toss > dash > reset on backdash/jump)
LP.Toss > dash > frame meaty)

No Rise,
LP.Toss upward swing > > dash > whiff >
LP.Toss upward swing > > dash > whiff > regrab
LP.Toss upward swing > > whiff cr.lp > overhead
LP.Toss > dash > > dash > whiff > reset on backdash/jump)
LP.Toss > dash > > dash > whiff > frame meaty)

Corner only Quickrise,
dash > frame meaty)
dash > regrab

Corner only No Rise,
dash > > whiff > dash > reset on backdash/jump)
dash > > whiff > dash > frame meaty)
dash > > whiff > dash > regrab

CC Sweep xx VTC
MP.Toss upward swing > delayed xx Zonk Knuckle


Metro City Mayor Cody Travers is without a doubt the best character in this entire game! Here’s a video of me roughing up Zangief in my dojo: