The McDonald's McNuggets Sauce Tier List

This subject has always been a controversial and heated topic. I’m interested in hearing what SRK thinks of the McDonald’s sauces for the McNuggets, My list from best to worst:

  1. Chipotle BBQ: I enjoy the flavor of this sauce the most and I like the added kick from the chipotle

  2. Sweet Chili: This sauce is a much better version of their sweet and sour sauce. The heat from the chili complements the sweetness of the added sugar well.

  3. Tangy BBQ: A “vanilla” BBQ sauce. With the McNuggets, I think it is a decent pair in terms of taste.

  4. Hot Mustard: Tastes like watered down mustard to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. Honey Mustard: Tastes like watered down mustard with sugar.

  6. Spicy Buffallo Sauce: Bland. There is no other flavors besides the chili.

  7. Sweet and Sour: I don’t think this sauce goes well the McNuggets at all. It may just be a personal preference for me but I don’t like my chicken tasting too sweet. I guess if your a fan of fake Chinese food, you might like this sauce.

They don’t have Ranch at my McDonalds for some reason so I’m not rating it…

Spicy Buffalo bland? Seriously? I think Spicy Buffalo is God tier. Especially on a McChicken. lol

I do like Sweet and Sour,but that’s just me. Tangy BBQ is probably my third favorite and I don’t care for the rest. lol

sweet and sour or BUST . now i want some mcnuggets :confused:

I gotta say… This has opened my eyes. All I ever knew was Sweet and Sour and BBQ… Gotta go to the lab to examine the tools of these.

I’ve eaten so many incredibly spicy foods that my tolerance for heat has been raised pretty high. The sauce is all heat and nothing else so it tastes bland to me. :-/

i’ve never even heard of most of those flavors, all i knew was sweet & sour and bbq as someone else said, also back in the day you could get honey…shit was bomb.

I too have eaten a lot of spicy foods and I never get tolerant to them. And boy am I glad because I love it. haha.

God Tier: Tangy BBQ, Chipotle BBQ
Weak Tier: Everything else

Mix the sweet 'n sour with a squirt of mustard.

Cookie for whoever gets the reference.

The limited edition Szechuan sauce they had when Disney’s Mulan came out in theaters was godlike. Also not all McDonald’s sauces are made equal. I was in the Philippines a little while ago and their barbecue sauce has soy sauce in it. Pretty godlike as well.

sweet and sour that shit is gdlk <3

but carl’s honey mustard >>>> all

I notice that it’s pretty average for people to prefer some type of mustard with their nuggets or strips. I never knew anyone else besides me that liked sweet and sour though. That’s news to me. lol

Thanks a lot. Now I need to go buy some mcnuggets.

is their a mcnugget group on srk?

Forget all your “sauces”.

It’s all about this:

sweet chili FTW ! :sunglasses:

Sweet and sour on everything.

That Sweet Chili sauce is out of this world.

Same here, now I want some for dinner…but man I don’t think we have many sauces over here =/

Goddamn. Didn’t even know McDonald’s had all this shit.

I rep that OG HON KNEE