The McDonald's McNuggets Sauce Tier List

BBQ Sawce should be lower. BK’s BBQ sawce is a lot more thick, and a lot less sweet, giving it a matchup advantage.

Chipotle BBQ all day son !

stop reminding me that I’m in a country without McDonalds now

Tangy BBQ will always be top tier.

^THIS. Tangy BBQ main all day.

Sweet Chili smells so bad. Taste wasnt too great either with McNuggets. No bueno to me.
Creamy Ranch is nice, but thats cause it’s ranch. but its kinda weak as far as ranch goes.
Sweet and sour is alright, but i taste the sauce more than the nugget with it.
Honey mustard will never not be good on chicken.

Chipotle BBQ and Hot mustard are still on my to do list.

in mexico we only have sweet and sour lol

Chipotle BBQ is all that matters, all the rest of you with your inferior sauces are wrong! :wink:

ill take mine with ketchup, im straight on the DLC sauces

LOL we only have about 4 flavours in the UK
Ketchup, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, and Curry

They all suck, I just want a tub and the ketchup they put on the actual burgers.

I’ve been getting the sweet chili and really love it. The vanilla sauces were never that good to me. Honey mustard is decent. Gonna try the Chipotle BBQ next time around.

They have more than 3 sauces?

I’m old school and don’t eat at Mcdonalds a lot. Back in the day they only had Honey, BBQ and Sweet and Sour.

I only had Sweet and Sour,Idk there were other sauces.Im hitting up Mcdonalds THIS friday just for that now lol

They need to offer the McRib sauce for dipping. That’s the only reason people eat the McRib: the sauce, which is tangy savory goodness. Just thinking about the McRib sauce means I can smell and taste it.

Any care to tier chick fillet sauces tier?

same, I had no idea lol Sweet n Sour of course!

Sweet and Sour shits on everything including those new low budget sauces.

They’re all nasty!

Wait a minute… In German McyD’s… they serve curry sauce… so after deliberation:
Broken Tier: Curry sauce
B tier: everything else

Chick Fil-a’s Polynesian Sauce is so broken tier that it needs a nerf

^^This…I was convinced it was just french dressing with more spices or something but its so much more

honorable mention to Zaxby’s sauce as well

When are we gonna start discussing the cross over games where we have teams of Wendy’s nuggets with McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce?
Or Zaxby’s sauce with Carl Jr’s home made chicken strips.

S++++ Tier: Sweet and Sour
S Tier: BBQ
Hakan Tier: Everything Else including the new DLC Sauces