The Meaning of Saikyo

  • Central Thailand

The monsoon season came late in the season for the villagers. The past two weeks, the heat beame unbearable. Even in the hot and humid jungles of Thailand, even this was a bit too much. But when the gods saw the village in dire need of rain, they obliged. Rain fell in torrents. The villagers came outside and looked up and let the rain hit their beaming faces. They took off their straw hats, let the rain water collect and pour it all over their bodies. The children ran around and splashed in the newly formed river that used to be the main road. A few of the village elders smiled and laughed as they watched the carefree children scream and chase each other. The rain, seemingly, washed away all of the burdens that plagued the small village that summer season. Also, it would mark the return of the ever needed rice crops that we a necessity for life in this poor village. Knowing this, the strongmen in the village paraded through with huge bags of rice seed and made their way to the rice terraces. The village, even though poor in income, was extremely rich in terms of togetherness and caring for one another. They were very wary of outsiders however.

But then, their attention was focused on a man walking briskly and with purpose. This man was very impressive in terms of physique. His arms were well defined and he had a very battle harden face. His long brown hair tied with a single thread was plastered to his wet karate gi. The children stopped their playing and looked on as well and began to laugh. The man stopped walking and looked at one of the young boys that were gazing at him.

Whats so funny? The man said while wiping water from his face?

Misterwhy are you wearing pink? Pink is a girl color.

The other children erupted in laughter.

The man smiled and said, It doesnt matter what color your gi is. Its how you fight in it.

Whatever you say mister. Why are you here anyway? Where are you from? Who are you?

My name is Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Style!! He yelled. Ive come from Japan to have a battle with Sagat!! He killed my father years ago and I am going to avenge his death!! I know this is the village that he lives in. Where is he? Sagat where are you? Cmon out you coward? Show yourself!!

You dont have to yell. Im right here. And you want to fight Sagat? Is that why you came here? The boy asked.

Yes. That is my main reason of being here.

The entire village roared in laughter. One of the male villagers came toward Dan and said, I hope you are aware that Sagat is a monster. Hes killed many fightersmany strong fight


Boy he sure is loud. One of the boys mumbled. If he wants to beat Sagat, all he has to do is yell at him. Thatll get him good.

Yep. The other kids replied.

The man spoke again. So Dan Hibiki. Of the Sake Style

Saikyo!!! Dan roared.

Whatever. The man grumbled. Do you even know how to get to Sagats palace?

Actually I dont. Thats why I came here. I need directions. Heh. Dan said while scratching his head.

Fine. If you are going to get slaughtered, you should at least know your way to the slaughterhouse I always say. Anyway, just take this road and keep going north through the jungle. After about 3 miles, you see his palace. You cant miss it. You meaning someone else. He sighed while pointing in the desired direction.

Ahh.thank you sir. Youve been a wonderful help. But now I must go. I must avenge the death of my father. I will have your head Sagat!!!

Dan ran off into the jungle yelling and screaming.

Son. The man said sternly.

Yes dad? One of the boys emerged from the group looking up at his father.

Fetch my rickshaw. And put a blanked in the back.

What for?

We have a dead man on our hands. The man sighed as Dans pink gi vanished into the wet jungle.

Dammit Sagat. Why couldnt you live in someplace warm and dry? Like Hawaii? Or Jamaica even? Dan muttered while forging his way through the wet, soggy jungle. That way, after I avenge my fathers death, I can relax on the beach with Dee Jay.

Dan, soaking wet, sloshed his way through the wet forest. The rain pounded Dan but nonetheless, he made his way toward Sagats grand palace.

Whew. I need to rest. Dan plopped on a mossy long and immediately concluded that there would be no more plopping. The log was course and hard as stone. Ouch!! Dan squealed. Dan took this moment to reflect over his life without his father. His father was a very powerful warrior unlike Dan. Dan knew that his self-taught fighting style, even though it meant the Strongest, was nowhere near the strength of his fathers. Dan knew that many people back home take him as a joke. No one will ever take his self-taught fighting style as serious as it has no true form. But Dan, ever persistent, stood up and continued on his way. After about an hour of trudging through the rain, Dan finally caught sight of Sagats palace. Seeing this, Dan ran as fast as he could. Dan stopped and admired the scale of this place. Huge, gold tigers greeted him at the main gate. Incense burners were scattered everywhere filling the area with a sweet yet strong sent. The front gate had to be about 30 feet high with a huge wooden tiger bust resting on top of the gateway.

SAGAT!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? FIGHT ME YOU COWARD!!! SHOW YOURSELF. Dan banged the gate as hard as he could. As if it were Sagat himself. Suddenly the gate slowly opened to reveal a beautiful garden. Flowers of every color where everywhere. Tall palm trees were scattered all over the garden. A stone tiger stood guard in the center of the garden. Dan, however amazed he was, knew that his reason for being here was not to pick flowers. He was here to fight Sagat.

Sagat!! Where are you?? He yelled.

Right here.

A rumbling voice from behind spoke. Dan turned around to gaze upon a mountain of a man. Sagat was well over 7 feet tall. His hands and feet were wrapped tightly in tape. He was wearing a blue pair of kickboxing shorts and he was standing with his arms crossed. His face was cold and emotionless. His one eye staring a hole right through Dan. Dan gulped hard and got into his fighting stance.

SaSagat. I am here to challenge you. I am going to avenge my fathers death at your hands. Dan was trembling. Sagat didnt make a move. Wwhat are you waiting for? Arent you supposed to be the ultimate Muy Thai fighter? You are nothing SSagat. I can beat you with one hand tied behind my back.

Dan. You are nothing more than a stain on the human race. I can easily kill you without trying. But there is no fun in that. I seek fighters who I know will give me a challenge. Your father, unlike you, gave me a challenge. He took my eye. I admire him for that. He had the power to do that for me. But I killed him. You are a joke, Dan. Pathetic. Worthless. Your Saikyo style is nothing more that pitiful punches and kicks. I am sparing your life. For now. Get out of my sight before I destroy you worse than I did your father.

With that, Sagat turned and slowly walked away. Dan was livid. Never has anyone insulted him like Sagat. In a rage, Dan ran towards Sagat and punched him as hard as he cool. Tears were flowing from Dans face as he flailed as hard as he could on Sagat. Sagat, however, showed no reaction of Dans attacks.

I am going to kill you Sagat!! You will not get away with talking like that to me. I am Dan of the

Sagat turned around and grasped Dan by the face and lifted him high into the air.

I told you that you were weak. But you, like a fool, thought you had some inner power. You need to be delt with. With that, Sagat kneed Dan in the ribs extremely hard. Sagat then flung Dan across the garden into the stone tiger. Blood poured from Dans mouth as a boom of thunder rolled across the sky.

Now get out of my sight you ignorant bastard.

Dans eyes filled with tears, as he lay crumpled among the rubble of the tiger.

Cough Hes right. I am. worthlessfather forgiveme

With that, Dan fell unconscious.

Damn, Sagat is a cold mother fucker. :lol: First he verbally makes Dan his bitch, then he does his famous “lift Dan’s head with one hand” move. Nice piece all around.

never know that Iinchyo the lil’ girl from project Justice also take Saikyoryu courses …

-Northern Japan, One week later

Dan woke up in the early hours of the morning to find himself in a place that he wasnt familiar with. Still groggy and racked in pain, Dan slowly sat up to see where he was. He was in a small room filled with plants and pictures of Japanese gardens. A window which viewed a large forest was near Dans bed. A small incense burner sat in the corner. Smoke rose slowly and the room was filled with the smell of roses.

Wh… Where am I? He wondered. How did I get here?

Dan stood next to his bed and looked into the forest. He was amazed at what he saw. A small pond filled with fish was near a small rock formation. Huge trees in full bloom where everywhere. Dan looked to his right and saw a man meditating near a large tree. He was wearing an orange gi with brown gloves and foot guards. His golden brown hair hung over his face. He didnt move a muscle. Dan slowly walked through the door and outside into the forest. He walked towards the man but before Dan could get any closer, the man glared at Dan with an extremely cold look in his eyes. He spoke:

Dan Hibiki.

Dan looked confused. How did.

Ive heard a lot about you.

So youve heard about the legend of Saikyo? Dan said while grinning.

The man stood up. Ive heard about your self taught style. I admire you that you can develop your own style of karate.

I guess I cant help being this good. Boasted Dan.

I dont think you hear yourself when you talk. You were nearly killed by that monster Sagat because you thought you were good. You have no idea what it takes to be a master of karate dont you? The man was getting angry at Dans lack of understanding.

Who are you to tell me what it takes to be a master of karate? Dan asked.

My name is Ryo Sazaki of the Kyokugen dojo. I am a student of the Kyokugen style. I have been all of my life. But I am nowhere near to the point of master. Ryo turned and walked toward the pond. I train every day. I train my mind, my body, and my soul. EVERY DAY!! What do you do? How do you train? What is your daily routine?

Dan looked down. He seemed to be in deep thought. No one ever asked him what he did to train. Everyone took him as a joke. No one even realized that he was in Street Fighter tournaments. They just assumed that he was a comic relief.

My daily routine? I dont have one. I mean my style of karate means the strongest. So me and my students wake up every day with the feeling that we are the strongest warriors in the world.

Students? Ryo looked absolutely shocked. You mean, you actually have a dojo where you teach your style of fighting to others?

Dan scratched his head. Well, yes. I do. Its been open for a few years now.

Close it. Ryo said sternly.


Close your dojo. Your students are not learning anything. Your style is completely worthless. You shouldnt even be allowed to teach.

Dan walked into the pond and looked right into the eyes of Ryo.

How dare you talk to me that way. Why did you even bring me here? I never asked for your help.

Ryo sighed.

Dan, thats your main problem. You never listen to everyone. If I can say one thing about your style is that it makes you stubborn as a mule. You need direction. And so help me, Im going to teach it to you.

Dans eyes grew wide with interest.

Teach me what?

Ryo walked towards the small room that Dan slept in and he stood with his fists clenched.

I am going to blend your style with my style.

Dan walked towards Ryo. Ryo continued.

We are going to call it, Saikyo-kugen. And before you even ask I will tell you. Ryo looked right at Dan. The only reason I am doing this is because Ive been watching you for a long time. You have inner strength. Whether people think you do or not. But I am not teaching you just to prove everyone wrong. Dan, your main goal in your life is to fight the man that killed your father. To avenge his death. But that man soundly beat you. You had no plan of attack, no mindset, no form, nothing. Karate is not about waving your fists around like a madman. Karate is powering your inner-self. Karate is about learning to control your emotions. 1st rule about karate: Never use your skills for show. Ever. Tomorrow Dan. So help me, I will teach you true karate.

Ryo walked into the forest. Dan called to him.

Wait Ryo! Where are you going?

Ryo replied softly, I need to be by myself. This is going to be a difficult task. Ryo looked back at Dan. A very difficult task. But I am going to help you. Not for my benefit. But for yours. You will soon see.

Ryo walked into the forest and simply vanished. Dan walked back inside the room and sat on the bed. Whats going to happen tomorrow? He said aloud. Im going to make the best of this. I know that my style needs work. I just could never face that fact. I want to be a karate master. Or at least put on the correct path to being one. I want to defeat Sagat and avenge the death of my father. But against a man like Sagat and with my current style, thatll never happen. I will learn Saikyo-kugen and I will train harder than I ever have in my life.