The Mechanics, Combos, and Matchup-Specific Uses for Ultra 2 (Updated 9/16/10)

Mechanics of U2:
So, Akuma’s new Ultra is the Demon Armageddon. The previous Ultra, the Wrath of the Raging Demon, had a special kara property to it where it can cancel any of his normals at any time. Whether it was in the start up, active, or recovery frames, it didn’t matter; you could just cancel it to U1.

But for this new Ultra, it doesn’t have that same property but it does have its own unique ability. This ability is to cancel from his teleport into U2. However, it’s not the entire duration of the teleport in which you can cancel. You CANNOT cancel the last 9 or so frames of both the PPP and KKK teleport.

U2 is a 2-hit combo dealing 50450 (500 total) damage and 0 stun at the full lvl2 Ultra. However, the U2 will be scaled if you cancel from a teleport to 50350 (400 total) damage. Oh, and U2 whiffs on crouching opponents.

Also, just a small detail about the teleport itself is that it will correct the direction that Akuma is facing if you cross up with your opponent. So, basically, if you teleport through your opponent and then cancel to your U2, you will be doing the U2 in the correct direction towards your opponent.

Command Input for U2:
Okay, and now to talk about the input of the U2. It is :u: :u: :3k:. However, the first :u: is a lenient up, which means you can hit either :ub:, :u:, or :uf: for it to register. On the other hand, the second :u: is a strict :u:, which means you must hit :u: for that to register. Oh, and you must go back to neutral between the two :u:'s. So, :uf: and then straight to :u: will not register as a correct input.

Combo’ing into the U2:
The basic idea to combo the U2 is to do a normal with high hit stun, cancel that into a teleport, and then cancel the teleport into the U2.

The normals that can combo into the U2 are close st. :mp:, cr. :mp:, close st. :hp:, cr. :hp:.
The :hp: variations are easier to land because they give a crap load of hitstun. Be careful when doing cr. :hp: because it will force the opponent into a very awkward hit stance, making the U2 whiff. You will have to do the U2 a bit later to catch them. And remember that U2 will whiff on crouching opponents and close st. :hp: does NOT force stand.

The :mp: ones will only work on big characters and are harder to do because of the less hit stun, but still do-able.

“Big” characters: Abel, Adon, Balrog, Cammy, Chun-Li, Cody, C. Viper, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Dudley, Gouken, Guile, Hakan, Juri, Makoto, Rose, Rufus, Sakura, Sagat, Seth, T. Hawk, Vega, Zangief

“Small” characters (doesn’t work on): Akuma, Blanka, Dan, E. Honda, El Fuerte, Fei Long, Gen, Guy, Ken, M. Bison, Ryu

(far st. :mp: and cr. :mk: might be do-able but I have not got them to work.)

Input Examples for U2 Combo’s:
(remember that U2 whiffs on crouching opponents)
Here are a few practical ways to land U2:
[You can do any of the teleports (forward/backward PPP/KKK) to do these combo’s; I just like to do the forward PPP one.]

The go-to punish for blocked srk’s and such:
-:r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 420 damage

Start off with a low hit so your opponent is most likely standing:
-(against “big” characters only) :d:+:lk: :d:+:lp: :r: :d:+:mp: :df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 338 damage

-(must be point blank & char. specific) :d:+:lk: :d:+:lp: :r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 370 damage

Demon Flip dive kick forces stand so U2 won’t whiff:
-Demon Flip :k: (dive kick),:d:+:lp: :r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 420 damage

-Demon Flip :k: (dive kick), :r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 450 damage, less hit confirm than the above combo

Cross up Tatsu and juggle with U2 (character specific):
-Cross up air Tatsu, land, :u: :u: +:3k:, 480 damage
Only works on Balrog, Hakan, Sagat, T.Hawk, Vega, and Zangief (any others?)

Other combos:
-:d:+:mk: xx :d::df::r:+:p:, FADC, :r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 440 damage

-Jump-in :hp: or :hk:, :r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 480 damage

-Jump-in :hp: or :hk:, :hp: xx :d::df::r:+:p:, FADC, :r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 518 damage

-Jump-in :hp: or :hk:, :hp: xx :d::df::r:+:p:, FADC, :hp: xx :d::df::r:+:p:, FADC,:r:+:hp: :d::df::r::uf:+:3p: (go to neutral) :u:+:3k:, 524 damage


Practical Uses in Specific Matchup’s
However after many months of Super’s release, many realized that the U2 is not that good for combo’ing. It’s relatively weak and gives your opponent a lot of meter. So, the matchups that I found U2 to be effective are:

-impractical to land U1 on because Adon’s generally don’t use the FA a lot,
-they can also change their jump arc at any time with a air jaguar kick so you can’t anti-air U1,
-and if the Adon picks U1, your U2 will make your teleport safe (I have not tested this that much, but I’m pretty sure it will work consistently).

-people can’t OS your teleports with U1/Super/hk tatsu you because you can U2 them,
-you can do a jump in OS teleport xx U2 to catch your opponent’s wake up teleports. There is an ideal position and time where you can do a df dive kick that will beat/stuff srk’s or teleport in the correct direction every time if your opponent decides to teleport.
-you can teleport xx U2 against people jumping towards you and doing EX air fireball.

-Df palm OS U2 will beat all of his options on his wake up and force him to stand block,
-teleport back xx U2 will make you look ume against lp dash punches as well as those TAP’s, EX dash punches, and even overhead punch resets,
-and cross up Tatsu to U2 works the easiest on him.

-not very practical to land U1 on (anti-air U1 is okay though),
-jump in attack/df palm OS teleport back xx U2 will beat headbutts and butt slams (I’m still experimenting with this a bit as of right now),
-and cross up Tatsu to U2 works.

-if he picks U2, teleports will be safe because you can cancel to U2 and hit him (if blind pick Ultras are in play, I always pick U2 because U1 doesn’t give too much benefits against Ken anyways).

-not very practical to land U1 on,
-and U2 punishes blocked Messiah except for a few enders (delayed mk, immediate lk to FADC, and very, very delayed lk)

-I will use U2 if I know that the Ryu will punish my teleports with Tatsu’s or U1’s a lot.

-This is a toss up whether or not to use U1 or U2. U2 will make your teleports safe because if he U1’s your teleport, you can cancel to U2 and both of you will whiff. On the other hand, Seth’s generally use a lot of focus attacks so cr. hk xx U1 is pretty good.

-if he does jump in OS green hand to follow your wake up teleports, cancel to U2 and it’ll catch him,
-you can do a jump in attack/df palm OS U2 to beat his wakeup backdash or EX green hand (loses to lariat though),
-tele xx U2 can be used as an anti-air but is a bit iffy.

I’m still testing U2 against Cody, Juri, and T. Hawk. They seem to be okay, but I’ll get back on this later.

And also a pretty cool thing to do against Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Seth is to go right next to them on their wake up and teleport back. Since these characters love to srk xx FADC whenever they have two bars and with their opponent directly next to them, you cause their srk to whiff without them able to FADC out. Cancel the teleport to U2 and get the lulz factor. :razzy: This is also good against Gief since you will be able to U2 his lariats, SPD’s, Super, or Ultra.

Teleport xx U2 can also be used as an anti-air to some extent. I found most of my success with this against Balrog’s, Honda’s, and sometimes Rufus’s (especially with them doing neutral jump fierce/dive kick over fireballs), or against Zangief.

And a note also, I stopped using U2 on Dudley because EX mgb punishing teleports is not that consistent anyways. U1 will let you anti-air him, cr. hk xx U1 his focus attacks, and have your sweep safe against his U1 (cancel to U1 after his U1, I think you have to at least delay it slightly)

i believe i saw cross up tatsu work on sagat, but double check that. It was really strict though. (Maybe it works on alot of people, but is only practical on a few)

the tall character list doesnt seem all that tall >_<

I first labeled it as big characters, but that seemed awkward also. :xeye:

And yes it works on Sagat also. Thanks for that! Hm, I do think the combo is character specific though. Too lazy to test it on all of the cast, but it seems impossible to do it to Ryu and Chun.

this ultra is janky :C

wow good shiet

man the ulta loosk retarded but it can be used offensively and be effective…

especially with the FADC…once every1 gets their execution down…U2 is gonna be part of Akuma rushdown

the 3rd combo is character specific unfortunately, because cr. lk chain cr lp. link close hp is dependent on certain characters hit boxes,

however cr, jab , close hp, teleport xx U2 is hit confirm-able as long as your good with your cr. lp, close hp link, and should work on everyone that cr. lk, cr. lp, link hp causes a far fierce.

cool… you already put up number values for the different ultra combo variations. One less thing I have to think about doing…lol.

The fact that you can’t cancel the teleport during those last few frames really hurts this ultra in my eyes. But I can still see it being useful for certain punishes and it still makes the teleport SOMEWHAT safer than before… just not as much as people were hoping I guess.

for combos… could you post the damage really quick for FB FADC HP ultra? Thats honestly the highest likelihood of someone landing this ultra and having a decent chance to hit-confirm into it without a jump-in imo.

Okay, edited some stuff. :smiley:

But one thing I have found that is really trippy is the damage scaling.

close st. :hp: does 100 damage, then tele to U2 does 40*280.

cross up tatsu does 80 damage, then land and U2 does 40*360.

The U2 in both of these combos did 80% for both hits of the U2. Very weird.

Yeah as someone said before the teleport seems to scale 2 hits in.

anyone have any videos of this up yet? i wanna see this.

JR Rodriguez has a few combos on his YouTube channel. Here’s two of them that I had examples of:


He has a few more.

Good stuff finding all this out, means less time with the new ultra in training mode. Will you still be using Sagat or you going to Akuma now?

I’m still searching; that’s why I’m doing like a crap load of research on characters. Sagat is still good in SSF4 and may still be a possible choice for me, but he’s been pretty boring to me. Even in vanilla, I was starting to get bored of his playstyle.

Current prospects for me are Abel, Adon, Akuma, Dudley, Guy, Ibuki, Juri, Makoto, or Sagat.

With Akuma, Dudley, and Juri being the main contenders.

always nice to have another gouki player … as long as I don’t have to mirror match them…lol. Actually though… the mirror match might be more fun now with the damage nerfs. But I’m sure I’ll get pissed at akuma’s picking ultra 2 and teleporting all over the place…

actually… could you check that? Set the CPU to do a sweep, then jump in and demon and you teleport out and try and ultra 2 him… Depending on how late you do the raging demon it might not be able to hit. Could you check that? And thanks for the combo #.

So, like sweep, then jump in option select U1, right?

I just did it and yeah, you can do your teleport to bait his U1 and the U2 him right in the face. :smiley: You can cancel to U2 directly after his U1 goes off, or you can actually even continue your teleport for a bit and then do U2 to make him look even more like an idiot. :arazz:

sorry for being my personal tester…lol… but could you also really quickly check to see if you can ultra 2 geif’s lariat? Like have geif PPP lariat at range and then teleport towards him and Ultra 2 him… If that works then I might have a new ultra for that match-up.

Your teleport must be preemptive. If it’s just based on reaction, there will be plenty of time for Gief to recover.

Edit: Actually, it’s not off by much. I tried to be somewhat realistic on reaction time to the lariat, and it looks like it just barely misses him. But it looks like you’re generally going to have to do it either before or at the same time he executes his lariat to do a full screen punish.

i got to play ibuki for a few hours at gamestop today, shes incredibly fun. Dudley seems to high tier for me, he seriously puts out the fucking damage, i cant remember if its ultra one or two but it can be comboed into off of everything. juri seems really weak imo, her specials are all very unsafe but her normals are generally good.

Im picking up guy for sure though ive been playing him in alpha forever.

sHP->U2 doesn’t work on honda

neither does cHP->U2, cMP->u2 or sMP->U2 the normal lands but the ultra completely whiffs.

U2 combos from a level 2 or 3 FA forward dash on Sagat. Whiffs on backdash. May work with other characters with larger upper bodies, I’ll check in a bit.

Lvl3 = 490
Lvl2 = 430