The mechanics of the new KI needs a bit of restrictions

After watching the recent video that featured Max vs Filthyrich, I think that it needs some restrictions on breakers and shadow moves, a meter gauge with 4 slots for breakers could change the mechanics drasticaly and shadow move would rely on the breaker to fill up 25% of the 2 slot meter gauge that they already implemented, if they put this formula I think it would make the game less of a mess. In the original KI when you land a breaker you could access to your shadow moves and extend or change the properties of certain moves, they were like back up tool to start combos or extend or end the combos, as for the instinct meter the only way that it could be filled could be by landing combos or breaking grabs, the gauge could fill up slowly or rapidly, lets say you landed a 10 hit combo it could fill up for about 5 to 10 % depending on if you started or extended or ended with a normal or shadow move and by 2% each time you break a grab but if you get grabed your instinct meter start to deplete in cool down efftect.

There is already a thread to discuss KI, there is no need for a new thread for this.

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