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Individual threads for games be they highly anticipated or low key will always have a place on GD however, the recent explosion of kickstarter games worth our time and money has lead FurryCurry and I to see that making individual threads for all of them would inevitably become borderline spamming, so we got the idea to centralize them letting them get their chance to shine, while also making sure we don’t create more clutter. This is an experiment so bare with us, it might look a little clunky at first but FurryCurry and I will update our top 2 posts regularly and eventually it will become more streamlined. Also if there is any crowd sourced game (doesn’t have to be from kickstarter) that any of you feel should be in the first 2 posts let us know and we’ll try to work it out because although we want as many developers as possible to get the funding they need we understand SRK isn’t an eternally flowing fountain of dat paypuh and over time the first 2 posts will be chock full of links like snaaake’s mom.

If anyone has suggestions to improve the thread feel free to let us know!

Current kickstarters:

-Hyper Light Drifter:

-Blood Alloy:

-Shantae: Half-Genie Hero:

-River City Ransom: Underground:

-The Fall:

-The Long Dark:

-Cosmic Star Heroine:

-Tiny Barbarian:

-GoD Fctory:



Completed Funding (I’ll add their kickstarter videos later). [spoiler=]

-Death Road to Canada:

-Shantae 1/2 Genier Hero:

-Mighty No. 9:

-Radio The Universe:

-Shovel Knight:

-Tex Murphy: Project Fedora:

-Broken Age:

-Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope:

-Project Phoenix:

-Massive Chalice

-Among the Sleep

Failed Kickstarters: [spoiler=]

-Shadow of the Eternals:


-Taxi Journey:


Indiegogo (I haven’t looked at this site much some help would be appreciated)




Spark Rising - It's like Minecraft without the mines or the crafting (support the Kickstarter!)
Video Game General 2.0: Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Remasters And Ports

Completed Funding (I’ll add their kickstarter videos later.

-Shantae 1/2 Genier Hero:

-Mighty No. 9:

-Radio The Universe:

-Shovel Knight:

-Tex Murphy: Project Fedora:

-Broken Age:

-Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope:

-Project Phoenix:

-Massive Chalice

-Among the Sleep

Projects Released:

-Volgarr, The Viking:


For the PC players out there looking to get in on the future of VR controllers (to go with their future headset) here’s Sixense (Razer Hydra creators)'s new STEM system. It’s really all about the up to five wireless STEM modules that do all the tracking of whatever it is they are attached to: Whether it’s in the STEM controller shell or to your body. The goal is to get other manufacturers to use STEM too. Tactical Hapticsfor instance, will be using the STEM system. Here’s a prototype video.


Even if you aren’t a developer getting in on it early isn’t a total waste. It is backwards compatible with the Razer Hydra so you’ll have a few games (Portal I think) to try it out on and whatever else crazy there might be like this if you have an Oculus Rift.

But this video is more or less what the STEM + Oculus Rift will bring us:

If this guy had a second controller to move and was in a wireless setup (minus the headset for now) this would be ultra bad ass. If you are rich and have the Omni then it will be NEXT GENERATION BAD ASS.


There are dozens of games on kickstarter I’m sure there are many promising titles I’ve missed so feel free to suggest some.


Shovel Knight had an update this week and I just had to share some of the boss designs. It’s going to be hard to only pick 3.


That’s one thing I love about crowd funded projects. The conversation between the creators and the backers. It’s such a breath of fresh air.


Thanks for the thread but please dear god simplify that title. This whole witty shit is already out of hand just make it easy to fucking find for fuckity fucks sake.


^How would you feel if we had a running total of all the money SRK has donated to different crowd sourced projects? Like you tell us what you pledged to something and we’d have a running total in the thread title.


Playable Demo out. I’m gonna try it later. I would really love if more people backed this game but it’s a hard sell since it’s not as visually appealing as Hyper Light, Shantae, or Mighty No.


I mean obviously this is my favorite thread, as long as pixel 2d platformers keep getting made I am gonna keep buying them,


I’m more hype for Blood Alloy than Shantae or Mighty No.9, the stamina bar and different combat/mobility options sold me, still though I’m getting kind of sick of every 2D kickstarter being a metroidvania lol.

Hyper Light Drifter is the most atmospheric and coolest game trailer I’ve ever seen, you guys should see the Radio the Universe trailer HLD stole everything from it but both games look amazing regardless.


yeah I concur with this, admittedly Shantae is the only one that has been getting buzz lately that I am completely not caring about so I AM BIASED


Just tried out the Blood Alloy demo, feels really smooth and satisfying and the visuals look much better in person than in the kickstarter video. I’d still like to see higher resolutions and more color, but it looks pretty good and plays even better I’ll be mega pissed if it doesn’t at least reach it’s goal.


All that’s missing from the demo is controller support.


Taxi Journey could use your help.

This little game looks like it’s going to be fantastic:


I can’t stop playing the Blood Alloy demo it’s too good, I’m having more fun with it than a lot of games I’ve played the past few years. I just found out you can slide and have 3 other weapons besides starting pistol lol. Still stuck on wave 8.


Yeah that game is quite good. It’s definitely gameplay over graphics/art direction though. I just wish I could play on pad.


the dudes who did Breath of Death, Cthulu saves the world, and 3 and 4 of the penny arcade games are making a new game that totally isnt phantasy star 1


@orochizoolander you need to update the title some more often so people know there is some new stuff to support.

Boel if nothing else that Cosmic Star Heroine sounds nice so I pledged $20.


You’re slippin orochi (Jokin, it just got posted today :rofl:)

Game: Proxy Blade
Indiegogo crowdfunding page:
Neogaf topic:

{shamelessly stolen from neogaf topic}

Good to see indies attempting DMC/Bayonetta style games now too. Hope it turns out great and will back.


I’ll update this thread tonight.