The Mega Man Thread



Oh yeah! Hype!

For those who don’t know where he’s originally from:



I saw him do his MvC2 HK. That is so awesome.


digging the fat mega man lol


I think that my face is trying to eat itself after seeing that.

It’s a surprisingly pleasant experience.


Hype levels at LE-LE-LE-MAXIMUM!




Banned. :slight_smile:


I like how he’s technically from Mega Man 1, but his bio on the SFxT site is basically Volnutt’s story from the Legends series.


This is insulting… And, I thought Sonic had it bad at first. Boy, I’m sure as hell going to miss the 90’s… so… freakin’… much…


This is the only thing that makes me deeply regret not wanting to purchase Street Fighter x Tekken. I wanna play as fat, middle-aged Mega Man too!


i was excited until i saw it was ps3/vita only


Mega Man really let himself go. He was quite a bit skinnier in the original box art. Not complaining though, wish we got something on Xbox. Like how his Pandora mode looks like Megatron in the poster.


Megaman is top tier.


Any news on how Japan is reacting to this? Considering that Mega Man has never looked anything like that for them. They always had the cute styled Mega Man.


unemployment megaman ftw

i want this game now


Does it even matter though? Stupid tournament rules prevent all 5 o these characters from being used in competitive play. I mean i personally love them all but sadly competitive wise we get fucked


Which brings up a better question: Why aren’t these on Xbox anyway? I can understand Cole and the cats, but these two aren’t exactly tied to any brand loyalty. :\

Sony got Capcom in their back pockets.


I really hope Megaman and Pacman are ‘timed’ exclusives. Would be a waste of two characters who you think would be on both platforms.

I’m holding out hope, kinda like how Viewtiful Joe 1 was ‘exclusive’ to Gamecube. Or how Shinji Mikami swore if RE4 went to any other console besides Gamecube he would cut his head off…


Me reading MegaMan will be included in SFxT:


Me Watching the new trailer:


Me watching the trailer again:



Question is…is he the Bro-est of dudes…or the Dude-est of bros?