The Melty Blood : Act Cadenza (PS2) thread~

So the game is ‘out’ so to speak.


Aoko is plenty fun, but I’ll leave her to the countless other people who will likely play her (REPRESENT SAIYD).

Everyone has twenty four different fucking colors, god damn.

Loving this game to death all over again.

Also, according to ORKA:

I’m sticking to Hisui mother fuckers~



Here is the wiki for everyone to get a start / understanding to work with:



Here are some tutorial vids by Ikusat:






Are there any character specific changes? Like attack properties and whatnot…

We’ll find out soon enough. Once I’m able to play I’ll definitely be spending extensive amounts of time with my characters. And I like the sound of 24 colors. I just hope the colors I like aren’t widely used by lots of other people. Color edit would have been nice to have but I’ll gladly take 24 different ones.

i want to play this game but unfortunately i need to get my ps2 modded first… >>

Gonna focus on this game after Evo is done with. Looking forward to beasting~

i just got my shipping confirmation from fed ex. i won’t get the game until thursday morning. makes me really want to call in sick that day…

anyhow, according to the review on gpara there are 4 play modes: arcade, training, survival, and versus. survival mode will unlock character cg’s which can later be viewed in “special mode” alongside ending movies for each characters and whatnot. survival mode also seem to unlock options to tweak the system voice settings as well as option to change neco arc’s voice sets.

as for some character specific changes, this blog lists several of them:

shiki tohno

  • back dash greatly nerfed. invincibility seems to last for the first few starting frames, and can be easily beat by mashing 2a.

shiki nanaya

  • back dash nerf, same as above.
  • suigetsu (aerial 22+attack) recovery frames reduction.
  • many moves have been strengthened.

vampire sion

  • air throw untechable, can be ground-teched. recovery increased as well. combo option seems to be limited except for few instances, such as 2b follow up against a wall.
  • start-up on replicant satsuk is significantly slower, and you can see her swing her arm more.


  • able to move after aerial atama wa ganjou desu (236+attack).
  • faster 2c.


  • able to move after ground amber missile.
  • better defense rating (?).


  • clash property on jb removed.
  • decreased damage output overall.
  • increased recovery on 2c.


  • faster j2b.
  • ground throw in corner against a wall is combo-able.


  • bigger hit box for aerial tori wo otosu (236+attack).

aka akiha

  • same change to tori wo otosu as above.
  • clash property removed from jc (?).


  • croc (214+attack) can be beat edged, lol.


  • b renkantai (623+attack) is a middle hit.

mech hisui

  • faster a/b missiles (?). recovery is shorter as well (?).
  • no aerial blocking. was she always like this?

So the PS2 version is gonna have both version A and version B playable huh? That’s sounds good to me. They were thinking like SNK/Playmore and put both versions in like KOF XI. In that case I’m gonna start by playing on Arcade (version A) mode for awhile to just have fun with the version that the Japanese are currently playing right now, then eventually when all of the changes in version B have been discovered I’ll move on to that. What version are you guys gonna start off on? Either way I’m just glad this game is even on console whether we got just one version or both.

i dunno where this rumor about being able to play version a is coming from (people are talking about it in dust loop also), but i haven’t read anything like that in any japanese sites so far. does anybody have the game yet to confirm this?

Who knows? I wouldn’t mind being able to play version A firsthand but I’ll probably focus more on the version B stuff once I get it.

Finally it felt like this game would never come out. Time to brush up my Satsuki again. But now i cant whore out j.C like nothing. Is the A and B versions of this game just a guess or is it confirmed?

it’s still a rumor. i personally think somebody just got mixed up cus i haven’t seen anything about it anywhere.

Yeah that’s what Titanium Beast and Master Chibi said on dust loop. They saw the options of “Original” and “Arcade” under the Balance option in the options menu. Haven’t gotten a confirmation from anyone yet. We’ll have to find out ourselves once we play the game.

Well Maho confirmed on dustloop that “Arcade” was indeed version A because he said the Arc and Sion infinites were present.

ok, so after some more searching there apparently is a option for version a.

EDIT: bah you guys beat me to it. D:

So the question is… which version will be the “standard”? Version A because that’s what Japan is currently playing in the arcades? Or do we just play Version B because it’s newer and will, most likely, become the standard in the arcades?

If the console version is confirmed to be ported in the arcades, there is no debate about this i think, if not i’m pretty sure most people will stay with the ver A (that’s fine with me and my Sion would be happy ^^ )

There is a “Special” mode, greyed out by default. I assume its unlockables.

Default controller config is:
Square - A
Cross - B
Circle - C
Triangle - D
R1 - DA
R2 - AB
L1 - ABC

L2, R3, and L3 are all as nothing. You can assing any command to any button, even R3 and L3(pressing the analog sticks in for you stick scrubs). You can’t use the analog sticks to controll your character though.

Vibration is there, off by default. Only vibrates when you are hit, or hit the floor.

If anyone wants something specific tested, let me know.

“special mode” is basically a gallery mode

Yep. I just beat arcade mode with Aoko. Got two CG pics of her, her ending, can view the prebattle VS screen, every music track, and a couple announcer voices. It says Bonus Complete 1%.

I beat arcade mode with Sion and tried some survival with Nanaya, i got CGs and same stuff as Zaelar for arcade mode, and some voices of Nanaya for the survival.
Btw you get to play against White Len at lvl 21 and Neco at lvl22, White Len as a lot of new (annoying of course) moves (compared with the boss version of FT), too bad beating them doesn’t unlocked them.