The Melty Blood Thread--Who's In?

Ok so I looked around for this thread and didn’t see anything of the sort in the SoCal Forums so I said what the hell right? Anyone else in the So Cal area play this game other than me? I just started playing it at FFA last weekend (I was the only person playing it but thats good considering it was my first time playing :bgrin:) and I had a blast just learning to play it! The combo system isn’t really that hard to learn, but I was wondering is there more to the game, because it definitely looks like there is.

So are there any other SoCal Melty Blood players around so I can get some comp and learn in the process? Oh yeah nad have regular gathering too?

Any other suggestions on how the game is played?********

There is a seperate forum for melty blood on a different website

theres good comp at AI every friday and saturday nights.

for learning, i’d try tutorial and tournament videos from youtube, like this one: [media=youtube]esKHCkbcZ4s[/media]

this guy got to Top 16 at SBO 07

The MB regional forums are here:

Yeah I know there is a separate forum but I didn’t see it up on here thats why I decide to post a thread up about this…:looney:

Thanks for the help Scottind for the links:tup: