The Mental aspect of the game?(Sort of a story in here)

Sup yall? Been wondering if yall could help me out with this.

4 part story btw

I’ve been playing fighters since 7th grade(bout to get into my first year of college) and I consider myself to be pretty good.Started off with CvS2 and moved on to every other one you could think of. Been playing consistently with my boys and I’ve never really had any problems.

My first tourney was Anime Boston (I know, ew) 3 years ago. Now it’s not much, but I figured I’d start off small and work my way up. But every tournament I entered I got peaced out first round to people I knew I was better than. In casuals, I’d go on streaks as long as 3 1/2 hours but when it came tournament time I got nervous as hell and wasn’t able to execute. I shrugged it off as first time jitters.

But when I played more and more tournies, it kept happening. I kept thinking about stuff I wouldn’t normally think about in matches, and being afraid of taking risks I’d normally take. Of course I was using Chun-li back then and it was really cookie cutter, too. I decided to make a change.

Right before AB this year, I started learning makoto for like 4 months before then. I wanted to win because I could execute better than my opponent, not because my character’s moves out-prioritized my opponents 80% of the time (no offense to any Chun players out there).

I entered a sort of practice tourney 2 days before AB. I used Chun-li, Dudley and Ryu for the majority of the tournament. I went undefeated for the first half, but one of my boys who’s seen me play Makoto and faced her before asked me why I wouldn’t use her. I wasn’t really confident in my Makoto game I told him and he practically begged me to use her. Guess he never seen her stuff in person. So next game I drew my friend Alan.

I ended up straight raping him with Makoto. Mainly cause of the pep talk I got from my boy it built my confidence on how easily I beat him and ended up winning my first tourney undefeated. Got some money out of it, too. If I didn’t use makoto in that tourney I wouldn’t have used her in AB. So now I was thinking maybe I could do a lot better this year.

So then Anime Boston comes and my boy’s clowning me for getting so amped up for a tourney that was probably full of noobs anyway. I just thought of it as a stepping stone so I could enter more tournaments. I felt I was one of the the better players there Day 1…but of course I wasn’t naive enough to believe that the “real 3s players” would show up day one…

Part 2 coming up

Fast forward to the tourney, all my friends advance. On some movie shit I’m the last one to play. I tried some new shit to try to take my mind off of the anticipation. Trash talking seemed to work. I’m not really a trash talker to tell you the truth, but I just wanted to try something new. Did it in the MvC2 tourney (I barely play that cause nobody I know does) and I ended up getting beatdown in the Semis by Pryde. I wasn’t all nervous and shit, though. The thing was it wasn’t really me. Plus I didn’t expect to win anyway. I came to play 3S and that was basically the only tourney I cared about.

Come to find out I was facing the Champ from last year.

“GREAT” I thought to myself. Deja vu, losing first round and shit. But then I remember an article I read. I think Sirlin wrote it. I shouldn’t defeat myself before the match is even played. Just because he won last year didn’t mean he was gonna win this year. I wasn’t there last year and if he wanted to get that first place trophy he had to get through me. I wasn’t gonna lose. I had developed that killer instant akin to Kobe or Jordan (for a fuckin tourney at an anime convention!). It was on. My Makoto vs his Chun-li.

I refused to lose…

and I didn’t.

He didn’t get a round. I was relentless. Rushed that nigga down! Wouldn’t let him breathe. Wouldn’t let him position himself for the superior spacing I knew he had just by his choice of character. I beat the champ and it felt good. Didn’t have to put up with the “shame” till round 2.

Round 2 comes and I face this dude from NY who had a sick Hugo. Never before had I faced somebody who’d do 360’s on reaction to my dash punches. So I made a choice. Back to good old Chun-li! Beat him and he didn’t get a round.

Now at this point, I’m getting kinda cocky. I dunno what came over me, cause when it came to fighters, I’m not a cocky dude but it just came over me. I wasn’t trash talking or nothing, but I felt it. Of course I knew that it could all get taken away in a flash.

And sure enough it did.

Part 3 coming up

First piece of advice: Anime con tournies are like Gabby Jay low-tier shit. An average player would beat most of the people who show up in these without even knowing the game.

My next opponent in the semis was the runner-up from last year. I had heard he was a dudley user and he was causing all sorts of ooos and ahhs. I wasn’t trying to be intimidated…plus I haven’t seen his dudley all day…I dunno if he was saving it or he decided to use Ken for this tourney, but it didn’t matter. I was ready.

Now IMO the key to having a successful Makoto game is to have a mental advantage over your opponent (or at least I realized that after last night, but I’ll get into that in part 4). The way this dude beat me first round, it brought that nervousness back. Then he started beating me in the simplest way(Dash in, and when I try a wake up, not knowing Makoto has no good wake up options at the time, dash back and into SAIII). I lost in the semis…but it was double elimination so I still had a shot. I lost the next one to a Urien user…although I don’t feel it was really cause he was better, but because of my lack of experience vs Urien.

Didn’t want this to sound like a tournament report. But I noted a few things. I almost fucked up against the champ first round. When he missed a super in the 2nd round of the 2nd match, my right hand started to shake furiously. I had to literally will myself to pull the super out. My nerves were shocked.

But 4th place wasn’t what I wanted. I hungered for more and I was planning on being better next year. So I’m playing a little more…but now lemme get into something I realized last night.

Final part coming up

Alright, now enough with all the low tier madness that was going on in the convention. I started playing some good people. Now 2 nights ago, I was playing my boy.

first 6 matches we went back and forth 30-30…but then he got away from me and won it 114-74. My ex moves weren’t coming out and stuff, but loses are loses.

I wasn’t gonna stand for losing. That’s something I don’t like is losing.

So last night, I got back into that killer mindset again. We played 4 games. Neowave,Garou, ST and 3S. I think I’m better at KoF than 3S anyway cause of my clark antics. I frustrated him in 3S in dominating fashion and he quit when I won 7 in a row after he won 6.

He chose ST next for some reason. He hates Dhalsim. I didn’t even use him and I don’t think I’m that great at ST, but I made him quit that, too. I just know the basics of fighting games that I was taught. and I made him quit in Garou, too.

Kof took a while cause that was the main game he wanted to play. When I play him in a game I love to play, I usually stray away from teams I could rape him with so I could play him a little longer. But I always keep Clark; he’s too fun! He’d end up quitting, though. So many times I’d OCV him with Clark, Chang or some other random character that he doesn’t know how to face. I’m sort of at the point where I’m going to start looking for new competition cause I’m the best in my area.

But my problem is, when it comes down to crunchtime I’m too easily discouraged. How much do you believe the mental aspect of the game affects your performance and if it does, what have you don’t to fix it? I want to be able to enter console tourneys and if I lose it was because I was outplayed, not because I couldn’t handle the pressure. I’m just trying to get better…


hahhahaha oh my god i wish i could rep you right now

I don’t have a lot of room to talk, I’m still kicking myself for losing a PSP in a scrub Tekken 256-person tourney where I make the finals, and lose cause I mess up a simple Craig combo. That was a couple years ago when I was in the service to boot.

The first thing you have to remember is tournies are rarely people playing at their best. Since this is an anime convention, you have to deal with funky guys in sailor fuku, howlings of yaoi fangirls, excessive odor and stench, and other distractions. Secondly, these are usually held at night- so you’re tired.

First thing to remember- mindgames. If your A game isn’t working, try to have something cheap and easy that you can win without thinking on scrubs. At an anime con, except for 1-2 people, that’s almost everybody. Good players will be able to get past that crap, but they have to prove it first. This is a little riskier in a single elimination environment, but usually people play even tighter when they’re on their last strike.

Second thing to remember- practice helps. If you can make things second nature, you’ll be less likely to screw it up even in sub-optimal conditions. The flashy shit that isn’t reliable- you only want to use that when it’s needed.

Third- if you cosplay, don’t. Costumes can distract you while you play.

Fourth- try not to choke. Why did you wake up when you know Makoto has crap wake-ups, and the Dudley has a tendency to bait wake-ups? This is one of my scrub habits that was difficult for me to break, and I still wake-up more then I should sometimes, but I think about it more now.

I’d suggest showing up to a couple of real tournies to get the XP to play.

Your friend sounds like a scrub quitting a game that quickly just because he was getting owned. My guess is, you’re someone who has the potential to be at least decent, but you’re surrounded by scrubs, which can impede your need to think. It did mine for years. It took me getting my ass kicked by mid-tier players to step up, then going online to learn the advanced points.

Ridiculously long -_-; All you have to do is avoid anything that can break your Tension Meter. The Tension Meter is something I like to refer to as your focus. If you get deep into focus, the nervousness won’t affect you much; Don’t let your Tension Meter drop until you’re 100% sure you’ve won the tournament or been knocked out. Stay humble, know that even the scrubbiest looking people can turn out to be someone beastly, the rest is experience.

-Speaking from experience :sad:

heh, well I don’t cosplay that’s for sure:wtf:

But AB was just a warm-up so to speak. Was planning on going to Evo, but my plans crapped out on me:sad:

But yeah, I’ll try to take some of that advice. Just I heard high level players are…asswipes:bluu:…but hey, I could be wrong…

Good looks on the advice, though


Well, some players here are asswipes, doesn’t help that the scene encourages such behavior to boot. Not all though, depends on where you are.

I’ll say this the gulf from anime con to local tourney is about as big as local tourney/FRXI. (I’d aim for FRXI instead of Evo. More likely to support games people like, and a lot closer.)

you Play To Win The Game

That’s nice.

I win anime con tourneys.

At least the cons you guys go to have real fighting game tourneys. Anime Iowa no longer represents fighters (unless anyone wants to count Naruto and Smash Bros.) and Anime Detour was filled with scrubs, even the dude cosplaying as Iori loved to mash buttons.

lol, SSBM&B are major suckage

the first time i ever met elven shadow he was cosplayin faust in the tourney and won iirc

con tourneys for GG actually used to be SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS back in the day cuz a lot of the top midwest/EC players would hit them up. a number of them have moved since then, plus there are way more real tournaments being held these days, so yeah not the case anymore.