The Meridian, Ms thread

I am pretty sure noone even knows where this is, it’s located in central Mississippi. Are there and Street Fighter and or Tekken 5 players in the area?

The mall there has Tekken 5.1 AND Street Fighter Anniversary Edition (includes WW,CE,Turbo,SSF2, Super Turbo, and Alpha 1,2, and 3).

I don’t live there but I have family there I visit often, and was wondering if anyone played these. I usually come up every other Saturday, and would love some comp. when I do.

Any takers post up!

Which mall is this? Edgewater?

No, Edgewater is somewhat destroyed. At least for awhile. This is up in Meridian, in central Mississippi.

what city?

Meridian, Ms. That’s the name: Meridian…

Such a shame, they have AE and nobody plays. I even asked the worker dude and he says a few random ppl play, but no regulars. Too bad, it’s the only ST arcade version I have ever found.

I’m trying to start a scene in Shreveport/Bossier (hard to do)

Is that anywhere near McComb? I sometimes make business trips to McComb.

How far is it from Biloxi? I might go out there around christmas break

Parry: I really want to help you in your quest for creating a scene around your area, alas I am in Biloxi most of the time, and New Orleans (well Metairie really) the rest of the time. McComb is about an hour or two from Biloxi, I think anyway. McComb is located between Covington and Slidell right? If so, then yeah about an hour and 1/2. THEN, from here in biloxi you got about another 2 and 1/2 hour drive to get to Meridian. So for you I’d say about 4 hours total. Not worth the trip.

Naysayism: Meridian is upstate about 2 1/2 hours from Biloxi. You gotta drive through Hattiesburg and then Quitman, then you hit Meridian. All in all, for you I don’t think the trip would be worth it. I just go every other weekend b/c I have family up there, a random fuck buddy, and I take the company truck so I don’t have to pay for gas. The weekends I don’t go there I go back home to Metairie.

I guess I should just be happy I found a way to play ST, CE, Turbo, and A3 on arcade.

Well meridian is futher east/central right along the border of the ms and ala border line. Its probably better if you guys try to meet up here in jackson at one of the malls(where I am) to try and play. I think its like 2 hours away from meridian. They have mvc2, ssf2t, cvs2, and svc chaos in the local arcade. If that doesn’t work then there’s always some extra room at my place to play, I have recently turned one of the bedrooms into an gameroom and would luv the next competition. Let me know fellas.