The mic thread

Kinda suprised nobody has thought of this. If you wanna know who you can voice chat with, just post in here if you have a mic/headset/bluetooth.

I gots mine.

I have a mic. It’s the Guitar Hero World Tour mic. People say they can hear me better than anybody else.

but I can’t hear anybody else for shit through my speakers :frowning:

got mine BT wireless Headset

I have the official BT wireless headset

i voice chat but the connections are even worse than non voice chat

I got that Bluetooth ear piece. I like to cuss out little kids and ruin their dreams on COD. Even though I suck.

I have BT headset also. Voice quality doesn’t seem as good as xbox live though.

I got one.

Got one as well, only use it with games that make sense to use it with :wgrin:

I got some cheap Motorola mic off eBay that works fine. I only chat in Resistance, CoD4 and sometimes in Tekken 5 DRO (Why would I even consider playing that game online now unless I feel like getting pissed?)

I got PSN bluetooth

I have the official Sony BT headset. It works great for games with good mic support, but others it doesn’t seem to sound any better than the Warhawk one a lot of people use.

I got one but never use it for fear of making the games lag. Can anybody confirm this?

I have a mic.

I got a cheapo $20 motorolla BT headset that works fine on any game I play.

I think using the mic on SFHDR causes some lag.

If you make a 4/6 man room in HDR, you should enable mics. It’s really boring waiting. I never really experienced lag while using a mic but that’s just me.

LG Verizon mic here. Never use it either. No one on PSN talks either shy oe too focused game. I know i’m both.

I got one but I only use it if the other players are chatting it up, which is almost never. I don’t have enough game to backup smacktalk, lol.

I have one as well. Hit me up for chat sessions.