The thread (Updated, new vids 7-23-06)

I am proud to announce the grand opening of a brand new website. inside of 2 months, I, Hollow,backed by the power of Obot, have began a site that will hopefully be the go-to place for great video footage, insightful shit talking, and a staple in the gaming institution.

This site is dedicated to showcasing the gaming scene in the state of Michigan. Highlighted will be footage taken from years gone by, as well as recent video that I shoot, edit and develop as the days go by. Depending on the content, many genres will be shown, so if there is anything you presented, register for the forums, and be heard.

Many games will be covered. First up: footage taken from Midwest Championships, 2000. Many known players are showcased, such as Apoc, Eddie Lee, Sabin and John Choi, as well as natives of Michigan. I have many ideas yet to come, so bear with me.

Thanks go to for the continued support and guidance.


Congratulations, this site has been a while in the making and I’m glad that it is officially up and running and open to the public.

You are welcomed to check out the site and use this thread to talk about the vids that appear on the site. Also, feel free to tell your friends to check out the site.

The number of classic, never before seen, high caliber match videos that Hollow has and plans to release on this site is insane.

Stay tuned and visit the site often so you dont a thing!

Big thanx to Hollow and Obot for keeping the Mi Gaming community goin’ strong. :cybot:

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Feel free to discuss the videos here.


Wait, what?

This is pretty sweet. It’s cool to see that the scene still exists in Michigan, at least to some extent.

I play CvS2 and MvC 2 in East Lansing on occasion, but the Pinball Pete’s there is mostly dead. I went to Ann Arbor with some friends last night, and there were a few guys there who really impressed me with their CvS2 game. It’ll probably be a while before I’ll be in that neck of the woods again, but I’ll be practicing in the meantime.

This site is great so far. I love the A3 vids.

Thx for the support. Be sure to register for the forums, especially if you are from Michigan. I got a shitload of ideas for the site. Next on the horizon: Local CvS2 vids, more MWC (Including A3 Finals, MvC2 finals) the MOSH PIT and more.

Wow! Have these videos ever been posted before? Gold! Big ups Hollow! SFA3 just in time for the anthology release:D Even some SFA2! Awesome.

Most of the footage, I took myself, unless I was actually playing. I have a pet peeve about side shot matches, and avoid them at all cost, unless it can’t be helped (meaning a bigger guy than me was standing directly behind the players, with a camcorder…)

The vids themselves are new to the public, although the tapes have circulated for years between myself, AVX, VDO and Infinitah (who is my uncle). We quote these tapes like you would a favorite TV show (Family Guy, for example).

No questions? Comments about the vids? I know ppl are dling them…

The vids are pretty cool, but there has to be more to it than that. I occasionally long for the days when always had an abundance of sweet clips, but SRK always had something extra to offer. Videos will bring visitors, but they won’t keep visitors.

Since this site is for Michigan players in particular, it might be wise to add more community-based features. Tourney results, a directory of arcades and games in the state, things of that sort. I realize it’s a young site, and it will pick up some new stuff as time goes on. These are just a few ideas.

Also, the forums could use some more active moderation. Nearly every thread I visited was completely derailed within a few posts. I haven’t tried to start, oh say, an involved discussion of the ethics of roll canceling–but I imagine if I did, it would be pretty infuriating to see it turn into a discussion about breakfast cereals before anyone could contribute anything of value.

Understood. I appreciate the feedback.

Anybody out there want some CvS2 Tournament Footage?
I have some… All you have to do is ask nicely.

Dude, I go to MSU. We should hook up at Pete’s sometime.

Wow LOL. You still have footage of MWC2000? geez… downloads

cool site man.

In regards to the first paragraph, I do what I can. I am not in touch with the gaming community on a national scale like many SRK mods are (or appear to be). The “extra” to offer didn’t happen overnight for that site, and it won’t happen overnight for mine… Give it time…

The site isn’t specifically for Michigan, it’s to showcase Michigan to everyone else. Other than A-cho, and some others, I have not really seen a site with that idea at the forefront.
The directory is in the works. What we have so far can be found here:

Forum conversations tend to act similar to verbal conversations: when you have alot of people talking, it gets off track. I urge you to start your thread on the ethics of roll-cancelling. See how it is responded to. Should be a great thread. I really am not one to jump in, just to tell others to stay on topic. Hell, I’m not contributing any new info, myself. I’d rather simply post a relevant message, and move on.

In conclusion, I greatly appreciate the critiquing. Everything that has been mentioned has been examined and responded to.

good shit guys! I remember when I was little and Roscoe’s was still open…sniff memories.

I’d very much look forward to some more ST, A2, A3 vids. But the rest of the games are good too.

Wicked site, man. Looks sharp. I had no idea this was in the making…and I´m not from Michigan…but still. Lookin´forward to some more vids as well as the onés you´ve got up now. Nice.