The Midnight Carnival - a Guilty Gear Podcast : Tuesdays at 12 Midnight EST

So me, Klaige, and KBnova have decided to do a weekly audio podcast where we talk about competitive Guilty Gear, Fighting games in general, and Tournaments around the nation.

Our Podcast will be called the Midnight Carnival. We will stream every Tuesday at 12 Midnight EST (11pm CST, 9pm PST)

Our First Episode will air Tuesday June 14th 2011
Our first guest will be the player: AKA from St. Louis, MO USA

Tonight we will Stream a test Podcast to work out all the technical issues, feel free to join in!

You can Find my Stream Channel at: [COLOR=#930000][/COLOR]

Our general format will go like this:

Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3
Topic 4
Topic 5
Live Questions from the Stream
Closing and Shoutouts

I’m on Twitter as @Koreaj1n

Any feedback is always welcome, as always we’re trying to do some community building. Lets bring Guilty Gear back with a ROAR LIKE A LION, and not an emo whimper. The best way for us as fans and players to get them to make a new GG game is to bring GG back to the way it was when it outnumbered every Capcom Tournament back in the early 2000’s.


sweet. you have AKA up first on your show.

oops edited the date, its Tuesday June 14th for the first Episode, and tonight a test episode

This podcast should be on the front page if it isn’t already. Good shit keeping GG alive!

Edit: Tell klaige to speak up, because I hear the other guys fine.

The June Arcadia tiers that were posted are almost correct, Jam and Faust actually belong to the 2nd Tier.

Highest Tier: King of Fuck Mountain (Sol), Ky

2nd Tier: For People Who Can’t actually Play (Potemkin), Jam, Baiken, Faust, Chipp, Testament

3rd Tier: Everyone Else

Lowest Tier: Robo-Ky, Holy Order King of Fuck Mountain

However since the Japanese speaking community of Guilty Gear hates all of you with a firey passion, there will probably be no translation of the June Arcadia Article.

Henaki is right, my Normal Status is always Drunk. There is only Drunker and, Drunkest and Alcohol Poisoning. However if I am unreliable, then I say this:
This discussion was started in private areas of people can’t see secrets by Kugler.

So I will translate it for you from Japanese to J1nglish(Unreliable):

Highest Tier: This basically are people who are way ahead of everyone else in terms of super powers. Sol and Ky have the ability to rape your children before they are even born. Sol has the ability to win matches without ever doing a real Combo. When you are in Training mode, you should not be practicing Sidewinder, instead practice Instant Blocking then doing Slash version DP. Ky is near the Top of Fuck Mountain, but not necessairly at the top where the King of Fuck Mountain waits. Because Ky cannot randomly win with just 1 move, Ky must do lots of stupid Fireballs that end up doing too much damage anyway and you cannot move because Fuck Mountain has a very large Forrest in which it Leads to the Trailmix up to Fuck Mountain.

2nd Tier: These people Are Pretty fucking Disgusting. Also Potemkin is a gay character who can win without actually doing any Potemkin Busters or Combos, so if you cannot actually play Guilty Gear, pick Potemkin and you will shine like a Star.
Chipp also finally becomes president of Ninja Companies and can break the game. Testament proves that a guy in a Skirt is the most dangerous thing of all. Faust can randomly End the match by getting Mini Potemkin.

Jin’s Comments; I Disagree with Baiken and Jam, because Anji and Johnny/Millia should replace those two in the 2nd Tier, because Anji is fuckshit Broke Good

3rd Tier: Everyone else sits at home under the Fuck Mountain, living in fear every day that the King of Fuck Mountain might Erupt and spread his Lava Penis over their City, The Lava Penis catches the Forrest on Fire and everyone Dies from the Ashes and Smoke. Dizzy is not the Bottom of the 3rd Tier since she has Wings and can kind of fly over the Ashes. Thus since she is the Seed of the King of Fuck Mountain, the King of Fuck Mountain has trouble Harming her.

Lowest tier: This is before Sol was King of Fuck Mountain, back when he was a young whippersnapper in the Army serving along side Future Forrest Maker and Garden Expert Ky Kiske. Because of this, Sol is weakest at this point in time and really cannot compete with people who have been living under Fuck Mountain all their Life. Younger Sol must travel a long journey before he can become King of Fuck Mountain.
Robot Ky’s Robot Forrest was melted down and Recycled into Trees made of Tin Foil which is really weak and flimsy so He Breaks easily. However if you put the Tin Foil in the Microwave it can get hot and catch on fire sometimes causing people to take damage, but even Hot Tin Foil, is just Tin Foil after all.

Didn’t find the GGAC version

This is great! Will you guys regularly post episodes? I probably won’t be able to listen when it’s live, but I’d love to be able to download and check them out later on. I’m looking to improve my GG game.

Good effin shit. I want in on one of these episodes!

Going Live at [COLOR=#3b5998] for The Midnight Carnival - a Guilty Gear Podcast test Episode 0![/COLOR]

I can’t believe you found the King of Fuck Mountain Post lol.

Tonights Episode can be found Here: It replaces Episode 0, cause it still was a Test Episode after all.

Episode 1 is next week with the player AKA from ST. Louis.

Offialiest Tier List that ever was:

So When we LAST LEFT OUR EPISODE, Sol was atop of Fuck Mountain, he was haveing a merry time being KING. He loved being the king so much that he named himself Solodor, and rode tomas the tank engine train around Fuck Mountain, stopping only to get out and give some bitch aids.

Then all of a sudden, the keeprs that be, THAT MAN, who we generally call “THE MAN” who obviously represents the white man, the greatest criminal in the earth, President of Sega came to ArcSys, and said “Make me a broken game, Slash is too boring”

So ArcSys said yes, and Accent Core was born.

LOUDLY AND RUDELY Sol was thrown off Fuck Mountain by Eddie who apparently is just a shadow or something , so he must be Sol’s Shadow. However Sol was not to be let himself get kicked off of Fuck Mountain. No, Sol built himself a really big Sailboat, and he forded ontop of WhaleSex River, which leads into the basin of Fuck Mountain, which also connects to the Ocean of CutyourselfFuckingEmo. Captain Sol, crashed his sailboat which he named Justin Timberlake, and it hit the River causing a GookQuake, its basically has all the powers of a Korean, and an Earthquake, kind of like when Kim Kawpwan stomps on the floor. here Sol created a giant tower called Chris Benoit Yourself, where the sneetches from Dr. Suess live, the sneetches without stars on their bellies were so fucking racist that they took all the Gonzagas and Batmans and made them program Accent Core for the PS2, here Sol Badguy created the P-Tier, which stands for Playstation Tier:

Sol, having lost his claim as King of Fuck Mountain, he now has claimed the King of Chris Benoit Yourself Tower, here he can do amazing things like Clean hit you twice and do Instant Kill Sidewinder.

Ino- She was serving prostitution rings back in the valley of Fuck Mountain, when she saw Sol’s Sailboat Justin Timberlake, she totally jumped on, and now she can fucking freeze the game every 1/100000000 time or if you dont use a HD loader.

Buri- Some how Buridget got a new Yoyo, she made it out of the stones taken from the Fuck Mountain, now she serves as a desk attendant at the bottom of ChrisBenoitYourself Tower.

Johnny-He doesnt really belong here, but May Punched him to the top of the tower, and now he can do Jackhound without tension.

S-Tier, Stands for: Shoe Tier, bitches who wear shoes.

Eddie: The New King of Fuck Mountain, mother fucker got himself some fuckin WOLVERINE BOOTS, those steel Toes, Fucking OWN WHEN HES DOING j.K

Potemkin: Man have you seen the size of this nugga’s shoes? they are fucking HUGEEEEEE. Potemkin started himself a factor of clothes for huge fuckers like himself at the valley of Fuck Mountain, it was called the shop for “Big and Tall and more Big”

Testament: Unhappy with his current Goth Emo Kid look, Testament sailed out to the Ocean of CutyourselfFuckingEmo and got himself some Pimp ass shoes, in now he can infinitely kick you in the balls. Using these shoes he hikes up to the top of Fuck Mountain Everyday, but usually Eddie just throws him off of the mountain.

Slayer: man he just has gold shoes. Hes like “I bought these a K-mart!”

These are the kids who are still living in the valley of Fuck Mountain, known as Rape Village.
Rape Village is usually quite these times of days, but recently its been getting rowdy now that ChrisBenoitYourself Tower moved next door.

Jam: Jam moved to rape village cause she really loves Ky, and loves putting it in his pooper.
Slayer decided to give Jam his old shoes, and now Jam has Pilebunker you right in the Fuck.

Baiken: Shes got flip flops so she dont have no fuckin shoes, so she can only live peacefully in Rape Village. All of her moves lies in her kicks, but she can’t always win cause shes wearing flip flops.

Order Sol: He’s building his own sailboat in his backyard in Rape Village, however he doesnt really know if it will float since he made it out of Steel.

May: May was hungry one day, and decided to eat some Rock Soup. Johnny was like Shit I aint gonna tap someone who eats that shit, so May was like fuck you and Punched Johnny right out of Rape Village all the way back up to the top of ChrisBenoitYourself Tower.

B-Tier: These guys live in Bitchsville which is approx 30 minute drive from Rape Village and Fuck Mountain. People who play these characters Bitch to NO END, about how their character blows dickshit.

Everyone not living in Rapeville or Fuck Mountain or Benoit Tower or Zanzibar.

Just Plain Fucking Blows Tier: These guys dont even live on the same island as Fuck Mountain, they moved to like the Zanzibar and made a living there:

Chipp: He is trying to learn japanese, but unfortunately he only took a plane ticket to the Zanzibar, which might as well have been a one way ticket to dogshit.

Next Episode: The Suburbs of Bitchsville.

my life is now complete

When are you going to have skisonic on?

Good shit. I remember loving your interviews back in the day, on your old website. I can’t even remember what it was called.

An interview with final showdown or cue would be cool.

So tonight we’ll have our first official episode, Our guest will be AKA (Aaron Harris) from STL, a Millia/Eddie player. We’ll have an actual format tonight
our topic list is:
1- Introduction, who we are, why GG is important to us
2- Favorite Tournament Experience/Memory
3- Why GG players don’t like BB
4- What you’d like to see in a new GG
5- AKA’s most recent GG match vs Elvenshadow, and the Millia vs Faust matchup

and then we’ll take live user questions after that.

Also I will be giving away a PSN code for a free copy of Galaxy Fight from the PSN Import Store (North America Only) to one lucky live stream viewer.
Thanks to Monkey Paw Games for the code.

We’ll be live at 12 Midnight EST / 11pm CST / 9pm PST on my channel:

Will that link work when the stream actually starts? I remember last time, that link didn’t work when I sent it to a friend. Only the link Zinac directed from facebook worked. The link you have posted currently only seems to work when you already have the page opened before the stream actually starts.

sorry about the feedback in my mic last night, still working out all the technical kinks. Also, not sure why some people can’t see see anything on the link. Try typing it directly in I guess

anyway the mp3 is up here now, congrats to Zinac for winning the free game!

We’ll be back next Tuesday!

So Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12am EST / 11pm CST / 9pm PST we’re going to have Latiff, an Eddie player, who recently took 2nd at Revelations GG, I’ll be giving away another key for Galaxy Fight for PSN to our live listeners. We’ll be talking about GG at Evo, Current Events/Hot Topics about Guilty Gear, Latiff’s match vs Satoshi at Revelations, The Eddie Character Gameplay, and more!

Only listened to the first 40 minutes so far but this is already one of the best FG podcasts ever.
Surprisingly you were also pretty fair towards Blazblue and didn’t let shit hit the fan.
I’ll be youtubing it and spreading the hype if you don’t mind.

Also I’d like to hear as much Eddie PROTIPS as humanly possible. Views on matchups vs the other top/high tier characters would be great too.

I dont mind. I need to put them up on my youtubes as well eventually. Haha I think we were pretty harsh on BB, and I really didn’t go into detail of why I don’t think its very good, but thanks! The main jist of it was I guess it wasn’t Guilty Gear and thats really all of what we wanted from BB. I kind of liken it to when Street Fighter 3 first came out and there was no Ryu Ken Chun Li and the fans didn’t feel like it was a Street Fighter at all so they had to put them back in. Yes, I will be hounding Latiff on Eddie PROTIPS, as I understand Eddie from XX/#R/Slash but AC I Have no clue wtf to do vs Eddie.