The Midwest Guilty Gear teams at evo thread


Ok Who from the Midwest will be teaming up? who needs a team. If you need a teammate please post. For now I know of one team: mine

Midwest Teams:
Team Dubuque
AKA/Bob Washington/722
Blacksnake/Malice/Ukyo Tachibana
Final showdown/Aj/RenoRob(rumor)

Everyone else I don’t if they already have a team. Looking for a partner or is even going to EVO. So ima post names and their Character of the unknown status:


Im pretty sure theres more but these are at the top of my head. So post up your status quick.


Yes, Bridget for hire right here!


Unless i come up with some miracle dollars i won’t be making it, sorry fellas. best of luck to everyone else.


yo everyone, there’s only a chance that I will make Evo right now, a lot of people want me to go, and my family and checkbook (respectively) are not one of them… in the off chance I do make it, I will post it up but right now, being that I am a gambling man, I wouldn’t put money on me making it…


yea I dont have a team yet, problem is I dont trust people… shrug


I might still be playing Anji at Evo.


There’s a 40% chance I’m going.

Dizzy for hire here, if I do go.

The next month and a half or so will decide whether or not I make it.


knowing you, you’ll probably go but not have enough money to enter, lol.


That would suck ass. But…if I can’t afford to get out there AND enter, I won’t go.

Wanna team up again if I make it?


Sure. Although I’m being very emo about Guilty Gear right now. If August comes, and I still haven’t slit my wrists or hung myself from my joystick, then we’ll team up (assuming you can get funds… SAVE UP MOTHER FUCKER!)


I’m going, and I still have no team :’(.

I can play May OR Johnny…


Team Dubuque
– Dark Hogosha (Faust)
– Keela (Jam)
– Olli (Testament) (…I don’t think he has a set forum name. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Play us and be ready to win! ^____^


adds your name to the top list.


me eric and mystery player on a team…

team 2+2 is FOUR


What the hell is that from


its from new jersey


ahhh…the midwest bonding …way to come together guys :smiley:


I Hear Eric/Aaron/Andrew will be teaming up. thats 3 down. Come lets not strand anyone here. Still lots of great players still left.


Are you sure? I haven’t heard anything about that.


Andrew, you and Aaron should team up with scrubby moi. :smiley:

And I thought it was Eric, Simon, and someone?